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There has been gang activity in the past.
It's Kansas! In the span of one week, you could experience all four seasons! Pretty much every extreme weather condition can be experienced in Kansas at one time or another! Well, except for hurricanes. Power outages are a given! When it rains, the power can go out! When those good ol Kansas winds blow, the power can go out! Snow or ice? Better have a flashlight handy in case the power goes out! We went without power for 5 days after the 1999 tornado, 4 days in the January Ice Storm of 2005 (I believe?) and most recently we had hurricane strength straight=line winds knock our power out for three days. We consider ourselves blessed! There are those who have been without power for weeks!
It's like crime. You can't get away from it. Wherever you have motor vehicles, you will have traffic, accidents, road construction, speeding, drunk driving, etc. There are many pedestrians and bicyclists; some have been hit by cars, even recently. There are areas where sidewalks are available, but only in certain areas. This doesn't stop the cyclists though. Personally, I don't feel it is safe to be riding a bicycle on a busy road without the availability of a sidewalk. You can't always depend on the vehicle driver to be watching out for pedestrians!
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More and more familes are moving to the suburbs. The inner city is getting more run down. Houses in the inner city are unkempt, lawns are unkempt, more and more homes and business can be noticed sitting empty and becoming run down.
No matter where you live in the world, there will be crime and violence. There is no place to go to get away from it. In Wichita, police can be seen patrolling, there are SRO's in the schools, many businesses hire private security officers. There is crime here. It is on the news everyday. Shootings, stabbings, burglaries, vandalism, you name it. For added security, more and more people invest in home security systems, take shooting lessons, get permits for conceal and carry. As a single mom, safety is a big concern to me.
The job market here SUCKS! At one time, Wichita was known as the Air Capital of the World! True story! We even have the sign to prove it! (Had? Not sure if the sign is still up...) However, all that changed when Cessna laid off thousands of it's workers, Spirit bought out Boeing and now is being rumored to be changing hands again. Boeing and Spirit have both been laying people off. Boeing, who has long been Wichita's single largest employer, is now looking to relocate and close it's Wichita doors for good. Other aircraft plants have changed leadership and had lay-offs. My husband was personally laid off from aircraft three times in ten years! Many people have to look for other ways to supplement their incomes.
There is a big sense of community here, and that isn't always a good thing. Schools, churches, even work venues, tend to be downright clique-ish! It is the kind of town where everyone knows you and knows all your business! Gossip can spread faster here than head lice! But it is pet and family friendly, I will say that.
It's the Midwest. On any given day, you might encounter someone who is downright friendly, or one who is meaner than a rattlesnake!
Tourism? In Wichita, KS? Surely you jest! One of the biggest local events is the Kansas State Fair; which isn't even in Wichita! It's in Hutch! Also there are now more big name concerts are our new arena, Intrust Bank Arena. There's the Midwest Wine Fest, the Gun Show, the Car Show, the annual Sewer (OOPS! I mean RIVER!) Fest, the Native American Indian Center, which hosts pow-wows.....nothing really spectacular.
I must say (if you haven't noticed by now) I am more than a little disenchanted with this area....which tends to cloud my judgement. Everything is average. I would be very hard pressed to name one place of business that is truly outstanding.
There is the usual, standard fair of fast food chains. Nightlife I couldn't tell you about because I don't frequent those places. Really, I am a poor person to ask to rate the food and drink in this area, because I hardly ever eat out. I do know of one vegan restaurant that is outstanding! However, other options....such an Indian severely lacking; almost to the point of being non-existent.
There are lots of opportunities for boating, and golf. There are bike trails for riding bikes or walking. Parks are nothing to write home about, they consist of cottonwoods and geese....pretty much. Pollution is a growing concern, especially water pollution. Overall, the 'great outdoors' here is not so great.
Mweh, they are okay. Don't have a lot of direct experience with them. State officials, eh they are politicians. Blech.
It is really somewhat stagnant. Boring, not much going on...but not a bad place to raise a family I guess. I was born and raised here; every time I move away I end up coming back. They say there's no place like home, and although I enjoy being close to my relatives, I liken this place to a black hole: it just keeps sucking me back in! I would really prefer to live someplace more scenic!