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By my experience,i think my area is a safe area.
It is not a perfect area to go,but it's a sufficient comfortable place.
What's really unsettling to me is that police doesn't respond too seriously to a report unless someone is badly injured or dies.
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Not too much vacant or abandoned properties in this area. The houses all look pretty dated and majority have dry and dusty yards. I can't comment on house prices, but the apartments are quite affordable. What's nice is that most apartments provide some free utilities with the rent. However, some apartment units do have infestation issues.
Police often stop in this apartment complex. There are many people (nonresidents) that hang out in this area who look like thugs and drug dealers.
Crime, including violent crimes, are somewhat characteristic of this area. I think background checks and occasional random raids are needed, so the apartments in the area are not filled with repeat offenders, drug addicts, etc.
This area is considered ghetto. The businesses are decent, however, bums and young thugs loiter in certain places. This causes people to feel uncomfortable giving their business here. It also gives a bad impression to the general area, even though on the other side of the freeway there are better looking businesses. Most of the businesses here are chains.