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I grew up in this neighborhood most of my life. The safety and relationship between law enforcement is very poor. Discrimination between residents and the police is very heavy. The education goals for the children is very low. There is a high crime rate, and the streets will send you car to a repair shop if you don't know how to avoid them. I would like to see my city focus more on helping better the education of low income students. I would also like to see the law enforcement take initiative to have a positive relationship with the residents. Most people live here because of financial hardships. I am wanting to better myself educationally so that I can help my community.
I would like to bring more opportunities to the youth growing up who can't find jobs as I was subjected to and give them an honest way to earn money so they aren't pressured to sell drugs or rob or steal just to have nice things. All these things lead to death for them or others they may hurt. My plan to bring the youth and even those who want change an opportunity will have an effect on the whole city because it will spread and push other neighborhoods to do the same.
I hear shooting sometimes at night, which causes me to not feel safe.
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My neighborhood is okay not the best but, decent.
Some car break ins happen here and there but no robberies
ive lived here my whole life. never had a problem with anyone or anything.
I don't like the neighborhood i live in only because of the people. they are very rude, and the animal control is poor. I be scared for my life when i have to walk to my bus stop at five in the morning.
some house are old and broken down
I would choose to live here again because simply because of the people that surround me. Although the area does have a high crime rate, myself and the people that live on the same street,have learned to care and look out for one another and their homes. I do hope to see more community work done to improve the area. Whether it be cleaning the community, more summer camps for kids, fixing the roads, the whole community coming as one and together making it a better living environment.
The houses are pretty and are kept in good conditions. Most of our yards are kept in tip top shape.
I would say that this is a realtively calm neighborhood occasional gunshots but nothing major.
The nature around here is okay but it is not kept clean. The parks would be better if they would be cleaner
Our community is one that is relatively quite. We have very good relationships with our neighbors. If either of us need help in anything we would help each other out. We don't have many community events like BBQ's or picnics but i think that we have strong bond between each neighbor. So overall this is a good neighborhood to live in.
The weather here its okay if you not mind in the summer being sweating. The weather here is crazy, one moment it can be sunny and hot and the next its raining and chilly.
There is a burger restaurant in this area, its called "Burger Park". In my opinion they have one of the best burgers. I love that its cooked when ever you order it. The waiting is somewhat long, but it is all worth it at the end.
You can find jobs that pay at minimum wage and that can be your first job. This are is not for people that what to make a profession.
The Fiesta at Cullen is one of bad businesses around. There is no security around and the service is terrible, I wouldn't recommend going there alone especially at night.
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In 2008 I think that the house prices were at the very low, so there were a lot of people that started buying houses.
I guess everyone has forgotten about us, we are the low people at the bottom with not enough street lights and horrible sidewalks, with no nature.
You are going to get SHOT at night! Don't go out at night, its dangerous. There are street dogs everywhere, people who drive without their car lights on, there are also lamp posts that don't work at night.