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Even though Park Hill is in the middle of a big city, it does not feel that way. The neighborhood is busy and welcoming, but not overwhelming. There is a variety of houses and parks nearby with small strips of local businesses.
North Park Hill is my favorite neighborhood in the Denver metro. It is in a great location. The Denver Zoo and Nature and Science museum are within walking distance. the luxury of the streets lined with elegant historic mansions is perfectly balanced by the amazing down to earth attitude of the residents. The sense of community there is really like no other. You are only a short drive away from the cherry creek mall and downtown. If you are a foodie there are a plethora of amazing food spots.
This is a better neighborhood over time, really family orientated, love park hill! There has been a lot of improvement in the neighborhoods and roads. There is a good amount of diversity over the years that only grown over time, which is great!
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I come from the south. So I LOVE the cops here. The Denver police are a part of our community. I do not feel scared when I see them, I feel safe. I've even gotten pulled over once, and it was the best experience I've had with a cop. He was nice, and he was generally concerned about my safety, rather than wanting to give me a ticket to meet his quota.
I moved to Denver, Colorado from Dallas, Texas. Every day I can see the mountains out my windows or when I'm driving down the street. Seeing something as beautiful as the nature and scenery in the mountains is something that makes me feel lucky to be alive. Colorado is all around a gorgeous state, it is so awesome that I can go hiking and see beautiful things any day that I want. I love the beautiful weather, I absolutely love sunshine, which is great because I live in a city where it's sunny 300 days year round. Everyone I have met here is generally happy with their lives, I think we are all feeling blessed we live in a state like this.
It's okay . I can't expect to get even bette or go the way I want it too . You got to love with you got . Even if you don't have much.
Denver is a growing city. I am a city girl, but I still miss my hometown every now and again. Denver has the bustling life downtown when I am feeling adventurous. Then there is the nice neighborhoods surrounding my schools that are more low key. I am in the city, but still surrounded by the snowy mountains. Denver is a beautiful place and I believe moving here was a great decision.
The area is great! There is always something to do.