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This neighborhood is truly a GEM of Dayton. There is an active neighbor association which fosters relationships throughout the community, and the vibrancy of downtown Dayton is felt throughout this area.
I've been harassed more times than I can count and mugged. The city just isn't funded well enough to deal with most things.
It's a very dry climate, and in the spring or winter there is almost constant precipitation.
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Restaurants and bars are some of the only things the area has going for it.
Like I said before, the city is falling apart. Businesses are leaving the area and the job situation is getting worse.
Most of Dayton is not well-kept and most of the town is considered a "bad neighborhood." The businesses reflect such.
The franchise places (i.e. WalMart) have run any decent local businesses away
It's best to look outside of this area for a job that's worth anything
"Oh we have wonderful public services blah blah blah" Yeah well WHERE are they? And how the heck does a person get to them?
I'd rather not mingle with over 80% of the people, especially since I have been rudely surprised with suddenly finding out they were into heavy drugs, alcohol, heavy law breakers, convicts just out on parole, sex offenders of the worst kind, or into questionable sexual practices.
You'd think with all the bike trails around, and parks, plus gyms....that people would be in better health than they are
I'm not terribly thrilled with some of the riffraff living in our community, and the yuppies just scream about it without doing anything to correct the situation.
The police don't seem to really give a damn
vacant abandoned houses, absentee landlords, drug houses, gangs, cost of living is through the roof, and utilities are outrageous