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South Ozone Park is a diverse community where you can get anything. There is a excessive amount of different culture food, Markets.It is place where you getany resources by walking. It is a homecoming place. People are ready to help each other. It is a place where people come from different backgrounds culture and religion. Every weekend you will see parades from different Culture. People take some time from busy schedule and enjoy in the weekends.One thing that I would like to change is since it is overcrowded place the owners are increasing the prices of Apartments especially when you come from middle class family it is really hard to afford for our parents.
Great little neighborhood, friendly people and great school choices. Public transportation could be better with bus times being unfavorable but it's not the end of the world. Airport is very close so loud planes are constant which might bother you at first but after a while you don't even notice it.
Small community, diverse depending where in South Ozone Park you go. Being a resident all my life, there hasn't been much change.
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There is an abundant of people, that care for one another. The schools are pretty good with teachers that are dedicated. The buses run on a regular basis and are usually on time.
South Ozone Park is a very quiet place with a nice view of the stars. It's a little more out of the way than other neighborhoods in Queens, but usually, 1 bus ride is all it takes to get to a train station. It has nice weather to take long walks and is close to the airport. It is a neighborhood for people who value their privacy.
This is a very tightknit community. You can alway ask for help and no one would be hesitant in helping. There are many small businesses that ate always willing to help. There are always many community events like the Christmas parade.
South Ozone park has nothing but bad influences in people and in food choice. it is cheap living, cheaper than a lot of places, but not good.
Ozone park is a very nice neighborhood. It’s a quite and friendly place to live. You have nearby transportation and also grocery stores and pharmacies that are open 24 hours. The only thing the neighborhood needs improvement in is the streets that have to many potholes.
The area in which I live is mostly quiet and primarily consists of West Indians. It is also a family friendly neighborhood as there are schools, parks, and supermarkets within walking distance. The crime rate is also low and the overall area is considered to be safe. During special occasions, some people do blast the music which can be disturbing at times, but other than that, it is fairly peaceful. In terms of cleanliness, the neighborhood is well maintained and hygienic.
It is a very family friendly place. It is like a small town everyone knows everyone. All the kids go to the same schools staring with elementary school all the way up to high school.
I've lived in South Ozone Park all my life and though I love the familiarity I have with everyone in my neighborhood and the rich cultures, it lacks security. There have been many robberies, fatal accidents and some dangerous people that live around me that does not make me always feel safe.
This is a great neighborhood! Yes, I am slightly biased in saying this as seeing that I grew up here. It is a very family friendly neighborhood with several schools available within a small distance with playgrounds and track fields for kids to enjoy. Food is available within walking distance with a variety of options from different subcultures. Another great benefit of this neighborhood is the diversity as you see people from all over the world due to the proximity of the airport. One thing that I believe would help enhance this neighborhood is a parking garage due to the amount of people constantly stopping in this neighborhood it has become harder for local residents to be able to park right in front of their own homes.
South Ozone Park is a pretty good and area to live. It's safe, and has a lot of stores around for convenience. It is also very close to public transportation(buses, and trains).
I have lived in this area my entire life from childhood to adulthood. There are plenty of public schools in the Ozone Park area that offer a great education. There are many houses in the area so residents are at ease to take up gardening, contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It depends where you go to of course, there is crime everywhere but I personally have not been in a dangerous situation. Lastly area is family friendly and there are Caribbean (West Indian) and Hispanic that contribute to the diversity.
Good neighborhood and located in a convenient location. Enjoy walking during the day. It is mostly quiet. Many people are friendly. I was born and raised her and I am 21 years old and I've never had any problems or felt in danger
I love that this area is very diverse!! Homes pick up in value very quickly and best of all its minutes away from JFK airport!
This is a neighborhood I've lived in for 13 years now. Honestly speaking, it's getting worse. The roads, the parks, the schools the houses etc. everything needs fixing.
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I like the community and everything is nearby. Ilove that most people here are Guyanese and Hindu just like me! I can see myself living here in the future.
South Ozone Park is my where my home is but it's definitely a great place if you want a quiet and friendly neighborhood. There isn't much diversity, it's mostly based on the West Indies cultural but growing up with the same cultural can make living easier. However, it would be nice to have diversity but the neighborhood is so quiet that there is rarely any problems that occur. However, New York is so diverse that we can go anywhere to meet new people, but when asking others with a different cultural what they feel about the neighborhood, it's always the usual answer...everyone is so welcoming. South Ozone Park is just a quiet and welcoming place to live.
I feel tht South Ozone Park is a nice place to live. It is clean and quiet. I do recommended this area.