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I’ve lived in SOMA for about six months. It was great before covid because of the convenience but the streets are not safe anymore. There isn’t any park space and I can’t wait to move.
I am a student in the area and normally is flooded with homeless people. Sometimes during the night is not safe to be out not even pass 6pm is safe to walk outside.
In the last 10 years the crimes rate has improved dramatically. Police is patrolling often, in fact there is a new police station built. Homeless people still using street for shelter, this is a big concern of mine. Drug addicts are using injections and needless and leaving them on the sidewalk. This is not safe for little children to walk past from or even see.
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My neighborhood is pretty safe, but there are some blocks with more crime, empty buildings, and unlit alleys. I feel safe in my apartment.
it's great for right now with my partner - we can walk almost anywhere we want to go, or take public transit or rideshare for a decent price. it is very busy and "downtown" like, which means that there are a lot of cars and traffic, but also that there's lots to do. never quiet! San Francisco is an amazing tiny city to live in, but definitely getting almost prohibitively expensive for anyone that doesn't make a six figure salary. I can't stay here forever, but it's great for now.
I love my home , I keep to myself and spend allot of time at home. There is a community remodel program so the buildings are nice.
It is one of the poverty areas of the city. The usual things come with it.
It is at an all time low, certain times and areas are dangerous at night.
Don't get me wrong, I love San Francisco. I just feel that it is way too expensive to live a sustainable way of life. Especially for College students living by themselves. Th opportunities here are limitless but everything has a price.
It is a good place to live.
I've only ever seen the police harassing the homeless around here.
There is rampant homelessness in this area. These people need help. Healthcare, good jobs, housing, etc.
There is not enough fresh healthy food for cheap prices and too many little stores that offer junk food.
They have jobs but they don't have entry-level how they want our to have experience big they don't give out the opportunity to work
Earthquake panic me because I'm not really just to see or happen here in San Francisco it's rear when it happens and when it happens I get really nervous I wet kind of in shock every little vibration panicked me.
I like cheesecake factory a lot they have a really good plates grill chicken is the best I really like it. And the strawberry lemonade is delicious also
Shop at mission Mexican stores they have good quality of vegetables and fruits vs big companies they have organic but is old.
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Twitter, Eventbrite, Uber, Zynga and Pinterest are just a few of our neighborhood start ups. SF has a booming market now. Not just for tech but for those in housing and design related industries too. The Tech money does skew everything and like many places, it kind of screws the middle class. A growing divide here. Lots of Teslas and then homeless. Then again, you have homeless in REI tents too.
There are many homeless people some, very disturbed. Many people are frustrated and angry because of the rising costs to live here. Police ignore homeless situation. Muni drivers rarely help when someone is being verbally assaulted.
This is the heart of tecky companies so younger folks can find great paying jobs. they also provided terrific transportation for them.

My field is early education and since I have a degree in progress and quality units for me to qualify, I have been offered many jobs. the pay in this field is low but I am a mature worker and it works for me.
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