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A great place to live and grow up , I raised all my kids here and they prospered , homes could benefit from the Facade Improvement Program if the URA would help South Oakland more to beautify the community and the large Universities could help more to make this part of Oakland more livable
Oh, Oakland! The love and hate students have for you. Primarily occupied by the students of University of Pittsburgh Oakland offers all the things a University student needs and wants. Local grocery store, restaurants with amazing student deals, bars, liquor stores, pizza bars, and even a Pamela's Breakfast! Loved by Obama himself! Oakland - where history has been made. Appearances of Donald Trump, Obama, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and great legends Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth and so many more. Oakland probably the best place in all of Pittsburgh to experience the life of a University College Student.
Pittsburgh is a hidden gem I discovered by attending University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate studies. It has a beautiful city with the three great rivers weaving through. Many tourists who visit might not appreciate the city at first unless you have someone who lives there show you the ins and outs. UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) has really helped Pittsburgh thrive within the University of Pittsburgh and around the city. Due to me being a student athlete on the women's soccer team at Pitt, it's a great perk of having our football team share the steelers stadium and having the "Rawraw" from all the die heart steelers fans. Being that my major in exercise science is setting me up for Physician Assistant school, Pittsburgh is the prime place for me to set my foundation for my career in sports medicine through UPMC and their connections. as far as living, it has the best of both worlds; the city urban vibe or the upscale suburban life right on the outskirts.
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Oakland is much more diverse and accepting than the rest of the city because it's a college town. But on the whole, Pittsburgh is fairly white/European.
I personally think it's okay, but that's only because I've lived in Pittsburgh my whole life. The winters can get VERY COLD, and friends I've made that come from warmer areas have greatly considered moving away because of the winters. But if you're from anywhere in the northeast, you should be pretty alright.
There have been times that I've felt unsafe, but in three years in this neighborhood I've only ever actually been unsafe once.
The majority of businesses in this area are locally owned; very few chains. If you're looking for higher-end groceries, you have to travel to a different neighborhood, but if you're fine with IGA, there's one right in the center of Oakland.
Over the last five years Pittsburgh has exploded with new restaurants, bars, and nightlife. I am very rarely disappointed with anything I eat in this city. My wife spent some time touring around Europe and said that everything she ate over there, from baklava to gelato, she could get just as good or better here in Pittsburgh.
Most of the houses in Oakland (the most college-dense area of Pittsburgh) were built around 1900, so most of them are pretty poorly maintained and not up to code. In my three years living in South Oakland, two houses in my neighborhood burned down and one just outright exploded. But you'll never find anywhere cheaper!
In this area there are mostly students so I feel that employers take that for granted and know that most of us need money so they pay us as little as possible because they know they have many more applicants who would be willing to take less than you simply because they need some sort of help. Most of the jobs nearby are fast food restaurants, bars, or retail stores so they are not the most enjoyable jobs. Also many of the companies know that you are students, but want you to have open availability and don't understand that you are not free to work all the time because you are trying to better yourself and get a degree. Overall I think the job outlook in this area has plenty of room for improvement.
There is a lot of variety and many options
Living near a city provides for a decent number of job opportunities