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Love this community. Everyone looks out for one another. There are many community events that bring everyone together.
The overall experience in South Natomas is a good experience. Recently over the past few years, this place has become more and more diverse and it is a great thing to see for a community to grow.
Great community, good neighbors, quiet streets. My family has lived here for the last 10 years and I would not want to live in another Sacramento community.
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Natomas is a diverse area of North Sacramento. Many people perceive it as "ghetto" but coming from a wealthy suburb of Sacramento, Natomas is not even comparable to ghetto
I like the suburban environment of Natomas. It has a nice and warm atmosphere; it's lively and relatively bustling. The schools in the area are nice and it is very close to downtown Sacramento, which can be quite convenient.
There are mostly nice neighbors and there is not much conflict around. Most of the time it's peaceful and it's a fair healthy area.
Natomas is very friendly neighborhood over in Sacramento. In fact, I would say that it is one of the most safest areas to live in in Sacramento. People are typically friendly, lots of great places to eat at and overall very pleasant.
Despite what some say, South Natomas is very nice and quiet. It is close to Downtown and everything including the grocery store is in walking distance. I have not had my car nor apartment broken into. I do not have trouble with neighbors and I do not see trouble in the neighborhood. Overall, it is a nice place to live. Life is what you make it and if you do not speak trouble, then you will not have any.
I moved to South Natomas recently and love everything about it! The people are friendly, the shopping is good, and there are parks everywhere. An overall great place to live!
I have lived in Natomas for approximately 6 years. I like that the area is within minutes of grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and parks. I would like to see more public transportation in different areas of Natomas instead of the main intersections. Sometimes it is a long walk for people, depending where they live. Overall, I enjoy the neighborhood I live in and its surrounding areas.
In every community there is always something to improve on socially, economically, politically. My local environment has been the same for years, and I do see things potentially improving.
Seems to be a good area generally if you stay away from the rif raf. Otherwise you can freely walk around to and from school and parks.
Quiet Negihborhood if you stay in South Natomas and not head towards the Garden Land area. Great community and family friendly. Lots of trails to walk or run.
The apartments are full of crime and there are quite a few homeless dwellers. the liquor and smoke shops down the street keep the area ugly and unsafe.
I would say the neighborhood I live in is okay. There is not to much violence, but today's generations I believe are very corrupt, so I am afraid of the world that my children might one day have to grow up in. I do not plan on staying in this area when i decide to start a family, but it is in the central part of Sacramento and for being young I have many of options to stay entertained.
Overall my point of view here is pretty good its safe quiet and open easy to get around very little obvious crime ...the only thing its missing is a breath taking scenery.
Periodically throughout the day the security patrols the apartment complex.
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There is a large variety of restaurants to choose from when deciding to eat out with either family, friends, or by yourself. There are too big plazas located near each other that have a nice mix of restaurants to choose from.
While there are handful of job opportunities in there it seems the management is very picky at times.
Many of the shops are family owned restaurants. Depending on what days people go on the the value of service differs.