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South mountain is affordable and has everything you need a short distance. A lot of new stuff which is amazing such as restaurants and homes! Less delinquency, more community help.
South Mountain Village has been neglected for many years in all aspects such as the ratings below. Yet I lived here all my life (23 yrs) which despite of the environment it is considered my home due to the many experiences I accumulated.
The Schools around here are HORRIBLE ! The traffic is ridiculously 24/7 .. This grade is seriously wrong!
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Overall the South Mountain Neighborhood is a nice place to live. That being said the only reason I gave it 3 stars is because the crime from its neighbor "laveen" keeps flooding into the community turning it upsidown. I live on 19th avenue and southern right now but I will be moving as soon as possible. Laveen is the new Southside smh
Beautiful place to raise your children.. nice and quiet surroundings. The only problem is that it's right next to laveen which makes south mountain seem less desirable. South mountain used to have a bad reputation but it's now come a long way from that.
My experience at south mountain, Arizona is that it’s a great living area full of diversity peers. May have there ups and down about a safety environment but overall can honestly say that I feel very comfortable with no judgement.