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I like that there are a lot of small businesses in this area. Not so many big corporations. The hills in this area make for some beautiful scenery, great for motorcycle rides. Plus the Jefferson National Forest is nearby for lots of family fun activities.
It is a good neighborhood to live in. I have great neighbors who look out for each other no matter what.
I really enjoy living here and plan to rent until I graduate in 2017.
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I come from a rural area and just moved to the city so it's a big change. This specific neighborhood is close to campus, which is great. I'm living with my friends, which is also great. The neighborhood itself is in a good location, with a strip mall area across the road, it's next to the campus baseball and football stadiums, and there is a lot of restaurants to choose from. We are even across the road from Church Hill Downs. The only problem is the crime, the neighbors. Within our first week of moving in, one of the cars were broken into, my bike chain had been chopped at, and gunshots were heard. Occasionally people will go through our trash, which is fine, I know of dumpster diving and believe it is fine, except when you scatter all of our garbage across of parking lot. The road all of the houses are located on have holes, and trash in them. It's really rough when walking, or driving. In this neighborhood, it is especially saddening to see so many homeless people. I feel other cities clearly have the same problems, but I wasn't expecting such problems to be the issue right next to campus, and such large attractions. In this area, I feel nothing is being changed. I'm hoping the community will come together and bring attention to these problems, and they will be resolved. Even something as simple as fixing the road, or cleaning up would help so much. Homelessness is a huge problem in the country, and I realize that here should be an effort the change that, and fix it, and in order to do that we need to start small. I have seen so many homeless veterans, and children. If we reach out to them, and help, other communities would see ours was getting better. They would take notice, and resolve their problems as well, and it would spread. The nation would notice. This is what I want to see for the future, but I'm afraid it may not happen.
the area where I live is ok. it needs a little more improvements on the streets, but its safe to walk out side.