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The crime rate in this particular area is horrible. People get shot frequently, and there are other miscellaneous crimes taking place. The police are not around much, but respond quickly to complaints and phone calls.
The atmosphere is not to bad, it is located right across the street from a school so the neighborhood is flooded with children. The only problem is the amount of gun violence in the neighborhood.
There are a lot of vacant houses, which promote drug activity. Some of the yards are not kept well. The houses, about half of them are run-down.
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There is no sense of community. I just essentially live here, and do nothing else. I do not talk to people in this neighborhood.
I do not feel safe enough to walk to the corner store at the end of my street. The crime rate is high. The streets are always dirty with garbage. There is a lot of drug activity in my area as well.
I live in a high crime area, where the quality of life is not good.
Very unpredictable. Can be cold and rainy one day and warm the next. Nothing too drastic though.
Lots of unique restaurants and shops in parts of the city. Others have just the generic chains. You kind of have to know what you're looking for.
I live close to OSU, but not close enough. The neighborhood is run down and there are constant gun shots. I cannot wait to move to the other side of town and the end of the lease.
Several entry-level jobs. Not enough experience in anything more qualification/education related.
Some roads and walkways need work, but there is constant construction on highways. Change is coming.
No night life out here, just a hole in the wall bar down the street.
Mostly auto shops in the area, a few gas stations.
I shop a lot at Family Dollar for household items.
Houses are ran down, no one cares about their lawn and houses are too close
With construction and rush hour, travel is hectic
Nothing in this part of the city, unless you want to visit the hood
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Could be better but its managing
Its a rough area for columbus ohio