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I've lived in the South Land Park area for several years. I just recently purchased a home in this area because I love it so much. Wonderful neighbors, centrally located - close to many amenities. Great, great place to live.
I believe that South Land Park is one of the best places to grow up and live. It's central location to the two major public schools of Sacramento, John F Kennedy, and C K McClatchy creates a very diverse surrounding area. Diversity is the breeding ground for greatness. The best minds come from learning about different cultures and understanding different perspectives. South Land Park is the place to be.
I've lived here for 9 years and I absolutely love it here. The atmosphere is inviting and there are birds chirping and friendly people walking the block or walking with their kids or pets. There are hidden charms here and I'd like to see more thriving businesses in the area. We would like to see a food store with great deals and more small businesses to support.
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I've lived in south landpark for four years with my 9 year old son. As a single mother and a single woman it was important to feel safe with the location I chose for us. The school district for my son was excellent. I was also able to two jobs I can manage because of the their locations near by and continue my education to go to college within the same area as well.
This area is in between other areas such as Natomas and Elk Grove. It is still close enough distance wise in between smaller parts of the city such as East Sacramento, Land Park, West Sacramento, Greenhaven/Pocket. Sacramento is such a commuter city, in between Tahoe and San Francisco. It is right in the middle and provides plenty of day trip opportunities to explore California's coast or it's cities. I would live here because it will always be home no matter what. It has so much diversity compared to other states and cities. It is full of liveliness, culture, history, and the people of Sacramento make it come alive with their spirit for our NBA basketball team, our access to the Sacramento and American River and ability to enjoy this water during those notorious Sacramento heat waves. No matter what you do here, you can always find a great place to eat, people to talk to, and something to take a picture of as it is a capital city.
In the area immediately surrounding my house, there is a pretty good selection of local businesses as well as some big company stores like Raleys, Belair, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. There are small restaurants and family-owned stores as well. In midtown/ downtown sacramento, which is a quick drive, there is a larger selection of boutiques and small shops that I usually prefer to go to but there are also lots of big restaurants in that area too.
Personally, I'm not the pickiest eater in the world, so when I'm feeling hungry, just about anything will suffice. But, when I do crave something in specific, it's just a little ways away. My local favorites include a Thai place called Savaree, Marie's Donuts,
There's a great abundance of grocery stores within a 3 mile radius of my house including; Bel-Air, Smart & Final, Nugget and a Sprouts. Each of these stores have something different to offer whether it's their price range, or the amount of organic produce they have in store. Either way, you have so much to choose from and are bound to be satisfied with one or the other. For me, personally, I prefer to go to the Bel-Air or Smart & Final because I feel that you get the most bang for your buck while still purchasing great quality items. While you'll have no trouble finding a satisfactory grocery store, clothing and retail stores are kind of out of the way. The closest thing we have to a retail store in my neighborhood is a Marshalls, and although I love Marshalls, I wish there was more variety just a short drive from home. However, that's just me being critical, because the greatest thing about the location of my neighborhood is that we're not all that far from the freeway and just a 10 minute drive or so to downtown Sacramento.