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Nothing criminal to complain about here. Nothing more than typical mischief.
I love Austin. Born here, moved back here. Would raise my kids here.
My biggest complaint is the cleanliness of the surrounding nature. I went canoeing a few weeks and and the water was littered with so much trash I wouldn't ever want to swim in it. It was truly sad.
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The weather here is generally warm which I enjoy but it does get rather muggy. My biggest complaint is that there are not four real seasons. It's so hot in the summer and then goes straight to as cold as it's gonna get and vice versa. There is no great spring and fall which is sad.
One surprising thing is the rate at which fast food places are shutting down around here. I'm all for local flavor but occasionally it is nice to stop at a fast food joint for something cheap and familiar. Plus there are not a lot of places that serve food late (past midnight or later). That's a little frustrating given the fact I get off work so late and would like a lot of the time to just stop and get a quick bite. Other than that there are tons of other options for cheaper meals or fine dining. And certainly a lot of options in what kind of food you are looking for. Everything from Greek-Ethiopian-American-TexMex.
As with any job, given experience you can make a lot of money. I'm doing a job I would consider to be below my previous held positions yet I'm making the same/a little more money. There are always tons of places in this neighborhood hiring for all sorts of work. I find it near impossible to believe someone couldn't get a job around here if they tried.
There are a lot of different options for every kind of store in my area. There are a lot of corporations that have businesses here but there are also just as many mom-and-pop options available as well. I feel like I can find everything I need within a two mile radius of my house including hair salons, grocery stores, bars, auto centers, etc.
I feel the government does not look at the whole picture and primarily is trying to save money regardless of who suffers and then leaving it to non profits to handle.