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Crime has become more frequent recently.
Crimes have occurred, but it is fairly uncommon
It's not the greatest, but it's not the worst.
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Jobs are pretty good jobs here in my local area.
Where I currently live, it is pretty safe here because the police station is right down the street from us. Crime is low here in the downtown area however when you branch out further into the surrounding neighborhoods, crime picks up a little more.
There is always some type of construction going on the main streets here locally, which brings a lot of congestion with traffic. There are buses that run daily however, they do not run enough and they need more routes to meet public need and demand.
There are several things to do here for locals and tourists. There are always some type of fair, parade, community picnic, or some other type of event that keeps the residents here busy.
There are nice people and friendly people here. But, there are more "depressed" residents, mentally ill and sexual predators located here than anywhere else I have ever lived.
I like living in this area because it is very residential and we are down the street from the police station.
There is not a lot of pollution here, however, the local parks could use much more work and renovations. Not all parks around here have all play equipment in them.