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I enjoyed growing up in Woodinville. I do wish there had been more to do, especially within walking distance, but I feel very safe and fortunate to have lived here. This area is very environmentally conscious, and the people are generally friendly. A very nice place to live.
Honestly, it's a lovely place to live. Busses make it easy to get around from city to city, and the people are quite lovely. The city (Seattle) is easily accessible and it is a lovely city. The cities around Seattle (Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville) are all nice cities as well. All of them have their own ring to them that makes each one unique. All the people are rather unique as well.
I love seeing all the horses outside
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A lot of students party too much
It's weird going to places where they don't recycle
We can't clothes shop around here but lots of food
I feel very safe in my city
I feel like its mostly teenager jobs
Rain and clouds all the time but not that extreme
I can't walk to a bus stop from my house
Housing is expensive, and vacant properties are few. Utilities is reasonably priced, but property taxes can be steep.
It's typically rainy or cloudy, but is reasonable and can be adjusted to.
There is a very large variety, affordable, quality, and friendly.