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Love this kind of area and would definitely raise kids in this neighborhood.
Homes are nice and well priced while the neighborhoods are often well kept.
There are a lot of local parks all over the city and different events to get people active.
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Fargo has a very low crime rate and you don't hear about much more than a small robbery every once in a while.
Can get very cold in the winters that can last well into the spring and very humid and warm in the summers, but falls are very nice. There is often a lot of wind always and days with minimal wind are a treat. Flooding of the Red River is a yearly problem.
Not a lot of local flare for food options, mostly chain restaurants, but a few small local places are there if you can find them.
There are many job opportunities in the city and in a variety of different fields.
The local businesses of Fargo are mostly nice and Fargo has a very good mix of small independent businesses and large chain stores.
The weather here is nice, but it's pretty bipolar. It consistently gets to 20 below in the winter and 90 above in the summer. It's very wet in the spring because of all of the melting snow, and that leads to flooding. It just wouldn't be winter around here without a blizzard, but everyone is used to it. But these are extremes. Even though it's cold and windy in the winter, it's rarely an ugly or gloomy day. And the city is more alive than ever during the summer despite the occasional stifling heat!
While most part-time workers are severs or cashiers, there are also plenty that work in agriculture, landscaping, and other such fields. For full-time, there is a very diverse market that ranges from software to framing.
A majority of the restaurants in this town are great, there's just a lot of chains that are sometimes... shall we say subpar.
The locally-owned businesses are a tad fewer in number than the big corporations, but it's made up for by a majority of the local branches being owned by local people. Also, the only real businesses that are big corporations are restaurants and a few supermarket type stores. We have plenty of locally owned hardware stores, candy shops, cafes, pizzerias, etc.