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In this area of town there aren't problems.
A very great and safe place to live.
public services are wonderful, not many to say about it. but then again who would mention it. tucson isn't really a place where people have much to say. they just live their lives and stay to themselves. its a good place to live if you want to just keep to yourself and go about your day without needing any contact with any humans.
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Housing isn't too bad. It's very affordable, many people come here because they can afford the house lifestyle.
The police control every situation prperly. And seem to give people many chances. They don't go out looking to arrest anyone. They stay out of trouble just as well as the citizens.
As many healthy athletic people there are, there are just as many overweight people.
The weather in my area is terribly dry. Very little rain throughout the year, no one really stay's out for too long during winter. Winter is cold during mornings and night. But for only about 4 months of cool is what Tucson witnesses. The majority of the year is hot and dry. Althugh sping and fall are beautiful and lovely. But those seasons only last about 3 months.
I am under 21. But college student's seem to enjoy the nightlife.
Plenty of call centers and goodwill's to work at. But for creative individual's not really.
There are not many business' in my area. It's very isolated and dry. Everyone who does work is grouchy because of the heat. Locals arempleasant, and customer service can be worse. I appreciate how employe's stop what they are doing to go out of their way to help you.
It's hot in the summertime, but in the fall and winter, the weather is beautiful. I enjoy the winter months.
I am not happy with the decisions being made regarding police and fire companies. They are minimizing these jobs and paying less, therefore, impacting safety. Our representatives are not properly supporting our civil workers including teachers. Money is going in the wrong direction!!!
This is nonexistent in this area. All events usually occur on the other side of town.
Cheaply constructed homes built in the 1980's. All houses look the same. Small houses with small yards. Resale of homes in the area decreased by 30%.
Not a great deal of variety, but I feel I can get most of what I need in the area.
There are individuals who walk in the neighborhood. However, there are some obese individuals in our neighborhood.
We have a variety of local parks within the community, however, the people the parks attract are questionable. Therefore, we do not attend any of the parks in the neighborhood.
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We have had incidences of drugs in our neighborhood causing lots of different vehicles and people in our neighborhood. This makes us feel uneasy and will not let our kids out on the front yard without supervision. Our house got ran into by a drunk driver whom was going to buy drugs from a drug house in our neighborhood.
Limited variety as this area is fairly remote and on the far eastside of town. Therefore, we are pretty limited to fast food restaurants.
I do enjoy the people in my neighborhood. Generally, the community is open and happy. I like the people in this neighborhood as they are friendly and always willing to talk about issues.