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Drugs. Prostitutes. Constant soliciting. Robbery. Police don't care about the area. Most persons are crackheads or addicted to heroin.
There are many choices of houses but they are mostly apartments and they are not always in the best shape.
This is a very urban place so there isn't much of an outdoors other than buildings.
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There are many crimes and it can be very unsafe but if you mind you own business in a sense you can really avoid that.
Other than thunderstorms and blizzards there aren't many other natural disasters that I would need to worry about.
i do not go out very often so it is hard to tell but I do enjoy the places I have gone to.
It is sort of hard to find jobs especially with no experience. You would most likely end up with a minimum wage job if you are lucky.
Everyone is willing to help and you end up meeting a lot of new people.
If it snows really bad there is not shoveling done at all! And when it rains bad you can swim in the streets.
It is hartford. Not the best but it has gotten a little better
There are some people who keep their heads down and do there thing. And there are people who are face first do things loud and proud. But all in all it is ok.
It isn't the best but the mayor is trying and some people actually care! But it still has alot of work to do.
Sometimes there is a fair or carnival but everything happens downtown
The places in the neighborhood do not hire within. They hire out of the neighborhood and leave people searching for jobs that are not there. They choose not to pay you your worth and if you are educated they wont even hire you!
Potholes everywhere. People sometimes forget that there is a school up the street and that little kids play in the streets. People are reckless in cars, bikes, motorcycles, 4-Wheeler, anything that moves fast!
Run down not kept and lessens the value of the neighborhood.
The ethnic food we have here is unique and delicious
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It is primarily a latino community so it is closer then most communities but the violence and distrust makes it hard for people to get closer.
They are businesses that have been here for years. This neighborhood is still in the stone age for many of its businesses but all in all it is ok.
There are no facilities in the area. The closest place while is a few miles away actually is closed most of the time and when they are open it is during normal working hours so people with jobs have a hard time going. The cost of the facilities is also very outlandish!