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Gentrification is so terrible in these parts. I continuously see houses on the market becoming more and more expensive which obviously leads to the buying of houses by only richer people. However it's very clean... I guess if you're looking for a less diverse neighborhood, this is it.
I was raised in the South End for most of my life. The area is my home and my comfort zone. It was super easy to go to school (K-6) since I attended a great school near by. Not only is it convenient to get to Chinatown, Downtown, and nearby parks. I also live in an area that gives support the Chinese community, as well as those with low income. I love the support my family gets, however I also see little diversity. I accept the flaws my neighborhood has, since there’s always room for improvement. My experience in South End is safe and confortable.
The diversity of the community is great. It is a very safe neighborhood and has a very progressive culture. The community is inclusive to all and has a wide array of restaurants and bars in the neighborhood. Cost of living is high.
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The South End is the best of Boston's neighbourhoods. The beautiful rows of brownstones are drenched in a rich and diverse history, as are the people. It is also a hub for great food and artisanal shops.
It is very safe and the community is very small and close knit. Parents can let their kids play outside without having to worry about them getting hurt. The neighborhood also hosts events that everyone in the community are invited to.
City living at it's finest. Great restaurants, shops, and social hangouts that make this place an excellent neighborhood to live in.
The South End is a great place to live because it is centrally located in Boston but still feels more like a neighborhood. The streets are quiet and you are close to all life necessities.
The south end is a place of culture. You can grab a bite to eat and grab a show afterwards. It's pretty safe to live but the cost of living is very high. If I could see anything change it would be making more affordable housing
In my time living in south end I've experienced shooting and consistent loud arguments at night. I like how beautiful the neighborhood looks in the fall when all the leaves fall. I do not like the shootings that have happened in the last year.
A very convenient place that can fulfill all of its residents' needs.
There crime rate is not high in this community. It is not a place where you can't tell gun shots from fire works. Here the police can be counted on to protect us, instead of harming us. It is a place where people feel comfortable walking on the streets and taking the subway at night.
This area is a great place to live. It is so diverse regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. There are always new people moving into the neighborhood. The neighbors are great and give the community a positive family feel. There are great schools in the neighborhood. There are many public, private, catholic, and charter schools. The parks in the community are always a safe place for the children in the neighborhood to hang out after school and on weekends. The safety and diversity levels in the neighborhood make it stand out from other places in the country. In the future, I see the the school systems making progress. Overall, I see this area continuing to grow and develop.
I think since growing up in Boston, some stuff has changed like neighborhoods are move diverse than I remember as a kid.
The safety in the area is great. No crimes are committed that I know of. And when you step out of your home police are always near by to keep the peace.
I have not witnessed any crimes or violence in the area. But there is a hospital that is close if anyone is in need. Lots of great places to eat and enjoy the area.
Sometimes it's scary to think that you might get shot or injured due to gang activities. But here I am, in school and working.
My neighborhood and city have improved enormously over the years. But like many cities it is becoming prohibitively expensive for many who fall within the middle class.
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Great food from asian to soul food
I work outside of my area