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South East End Reviews

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I've lived here my entire life and I haven't had any problems. I feel safe, but I am aware of my surroundings.
The neighborhood is very diverse and stable. The new businesses are thriving.
You definitely see police going around patrolling certain areas, though around some areas need more attention.
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This is a place that is growing and thriving. It has become a place that is a warm welcoming to all, and a place that you see creativity in events, art, buildings, etc..
I love Grand Rapids! There are many great neighborhoods. There are a lot of local businesses/shops/restaurants. Great atmosphere and an awesome downtown area. Close to parks too. Within driving distance of lake Michigan.
the houses built in the community have their own style, especially if you're into old architect
you feel safe, yet there has been robberies in the past
There are good options, yet not many or readily available
Michigan is always a mystery. Over all it's practical.
There are plenty of restaurants around. You can pretty much find every type of food available.
Local shopping makes the most sense. Alot of the times they give back to the communities and help to upgrade them as well.
I feel safe in my area of the city. I have not really seen many crimes in my area.
The weather greatly depends on the type of person. Grand Rapids has all four seasons, we get both of the extremes of summer and winter.
There is a lot of variety for food in Grand Rapids, most places are very good and there are a lot of authentic ethnic places.
Grand Rapids has a great variety of shops, they all vary in how nice or how varied they are but they are (for the most part) nicely run.