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The police station is a block away.
I love being so close to everything.
My neighborhood is alright but there Is racial profiling and you can occasionally run into a raccoon encouter
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The greenery in West Seattle is pure beauty, one of the best. Its a beautiful community and well kept with tons of out door activities.
I haven't come across any crime but sometimes on the news I hear a few small things. But not bad at all.
Pretty diverse as far as housing and the different houses you come upon. Lots of affordable housing and beautiful new homes and apartment complexes.
Lots of rain and sun its beautiful.
So many wonderful restaurants ranging from super fancy 5 stars to home owned affordable restaurants with amazing food. Viva mexico, Jacks Steak House, Gianonnis Pizzeria, The Crawfish House, and the Matador are some of my favorites.
The job opportunities in West Seattle are endless. I always see jobs hiring. hardly ever see homeless people on the streets. A lot of people work at retail stores, restaurants, or home owned businesses.
The local businesses are wonderful. West Seattle has everything I could ever need. I can be set for life and have everything I need and all the fun I want without even leaving West Seattle. There are a myriad of good shopping centers, home owned reasturants and small stores with great customer service. Everything I need can be found in this area.
There are sparse shops and restaurants around here, some are great while others are not so good. It's quite the mish-mash