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I am in the process of moving my family away from this neighborhood. I am tired of the gun shots, the police racing up and down the street during the day and night, and the upkeep is not too hot neither. I refuse to raise my son up in this neighborhood. We have been living here for 3 1/2 years and my son has yet to attend the neighborhood school.
The neighborhood is okay to live in if you're careful. There were instances where cars would get stolen, but again if you can be careful in this area you should be fine. I haven't had any issues in going home a bit late, but you should still be cautious at night.
South Deering is a great neighborhood for families on a tight budget most places in this neighborhood are small bungalow homes with 3-4 bedrooms.overall safeness is just okay not great ,this schools are not great as well unless you use the private school system in the area.
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Personally I've never had a problem here. People always say that it's a bad place to live in, but honestly it's a peaceful place. I've lived here my whole life so far. I do of course want to move but a piece of me will always be here.
I have lived here my whole life. I like the availability of parking and open space. Most houses have large and lush front yards. I dislike the industrial pollution and lack of commerce and dining options.
We need more accessible resources for our youth. We have a great park and building for after school activities, but the building isn't properly utilized. There have also been many times where I have found needles and condoms on the playground where I take my son. The neighborhood is also a food desert, however that is changing with the inclusion of organic foods at the nearest grocery story. Overall, it has potential to be great, if given enough time and effort.
In my neighborhood, we see some graffiti and vandalism of cars. Although we have some street crime, my community makes sure that things get reported to the police.
My community is very united and look out for each other. Whenever my family need help, our neighbors are there for us. When my neighbors need help, we are there for them as well.
nice but it can be a little better than it is now
there is a good park to walk your dog
there are area that can be better,
there have been several hold ups, shootings and gangs are prevalent
I see to many young persons leading unproductive lives
There are townhouses and stand alone houses and a small number of apartment buildings. There are very few alleys but that just gives you bigger yards. There are a lot of mature trees.
Police visibility could be much better especially since there is a police station in the neighborhood and are only 5 minutes away. Crime rates are going down and I feel safe walking home in the evening from the bus stop. I also feel safe leaving my car in the driveway.
This is a family oriented neighborhood. You don't have a lot of foot traffic and people tend to care for their property. There are good transportation opportunities. I see positive things happening in the neighborhood. Houses are being rehabed. A senior building was completed and the city services are prompt in their response time.
The area is pretty clean and for the most part the neighbours are quite friendly. However, the children are not motivated by the school systems to take their education seriously and as a result they are dropping and in some cases pick up bad habits which causes them to participate in street violence and graffiti writing. It can be a bit disheartening at times, but I do believe that there is hope. I believe in time all of the negative conditions we see today will be completely eradicated and that true peace will be found worldwide for all to enjoy in the coming future.
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There was violence, and a quite bit of lack of education
This area is known for gang related violence.
It could get really cold so i can't go outside