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drug bust all day unsafe no scenes to look at for children crime rate high.
no where you go down the street is safe for anywhere the schools are horrible not a good environment for kids and k2 victims are all over the place
Just a dangerous place to live in and you just got to remain vigilant at all times, and dont trust anyone.
My mother, family, and I were held at gunpoint while we were commuting from our house to the train station. It was 4:00 am and I had cheer practice at 6:00 am. Because of the early hour, no one was around. It was a one time incident out of all the six years I've lived there. What made the area feel unsafe was not the crime itself, but knowing that no one is around to help 24/7, not even the police, unless they are called. And even after the gunman had left and we called the police, it took them hours to arrive. While 24/7 help and crime prevention would be ideal, I feel that the police officers who assist our area often abuse their powers and look down on the commynity too much to provide sincere help. The police oficers who came that day to assist my mother, who had been raped by the gunman, treated her as if she were a prostitute. Overall, both the crime and the police contribute to a helpless environment.
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Things would be a lot better if more resources and infrastructure were directed to the schools. East Dallas has schools with the International Baccalaureate program and great resources for AP courses. While AP courses are offered at the schools in my area, students are discouraged from taking them. Many of the students in the area aspiring to be AP students bus over to Townview every morning. Additionally, police officers frequently peruse through the neighborhoods to enforce laws against pet abuse, however those who have pets are not finiancially able to support the pet any more than they are able to do so for their children. Despite this fact, officers tend to issue tickets and fines to those who can't afford it.
There is heavy policing of this area which has its positives and negatives. However, I don't think the police presences makes me feel any more comfortable.
Living here has made me into the person I am today.
The lack of education as a priority, promotes crime
The area I live in is not the best but it is really a great environment to be surrounded by
South Dallas is the forgotten city; probably like many other urban cities. Its getting worse every generation, but for the most part we have ourselves to blame. The other part is everything around us is shutting down so there is no safe haven for children to go.
You hear gun shots almost every day, after a while you get used to them.
Might not be the BEST area to live in but it does allow you to easily keep up with housing and utility expenses.
Not much variety in stores, there are a couple close by but they're not the best. Closest mall is about 20-30 minutes away.
There are not many businesses around the area, and the ones that are present are too small to have an impact on employment in the area.