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Once when I was your our house was robbed. Another time painters came and stole a few things, by crawling through the upstairs window.
The area is near two shopping malls and not far from a super market. Neighbours are nice and there is a lovely park nearby as well.
As long as I have lived in the Costa Mesa area I haven't witnessed any bad crimes, just jay walkers, speeding, and teenagers driving other teenagers around when they aren't aloud too.
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I think it s a wonderful place to live if you have the money for it. If I could afford to live here on my own I would but it is just way to expense. I love that i live a mile away from the beach and that I can walk to all my destinations. The weather is beautiful and probably the best in the United States, it's never too hot and it's never too cold. It's the perfect place to raise a family.
It's not dangerous living in Costa mesa. From personal experiences, just make sure your secure your belongings because petty crime is a possibility.
Costa Mesa offers a location next to all luxuries of a college student, business person, and family.
I would rather live somewhere with less people. But my area is great, many stores, local schools, short drive to the beach. Costa Mesa has many great attributes.
I absolutely love shopping at the Japanese market called Mitsuwa! The food court there is always clean and the selection of food stands is a few but so glad because its always so hard to choose where I want to eat! Their tea stand their is, in my opinion, better than Teavana. The cashiers and people there are very helpful and don't give me weird looks when I can't read Japanese! I will always be a customer here!
I mostly feel safe in this area.
The public services are satisfactory.
Natural disasters are mostly infrequent.
The employment in this area could be better.
The local businesses are satisfactory.
Lots of shopping and mom and pop shops
I think my city is pretty safe
I'm a graduate student, so I don't really know a lot about the job market right now.
Well the apartments needs a lot of repairs but the neighbors are very friendly The atmosphere seems calm but many cops, firefighters come here way to often. we had a crime scene set up once.
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well there a many nearby places mostly fast food like jack in the box, flame broiler, subway, pizza, chinese food. the restaurants i have seen close is a Japanese and Korean restaurant and there is a house of humor restaurant as well
People ten to live at least for 5 years or more. We became friends with the neighbors rather quickly and its a very friendly neighborhood. We are not allowed to have pets but many neighbors still have pets so i would say its quite pet friendly.
Well there isn't a workout facility close to this area. Many have gym memberships like 24 hour fitness but they don't find time to workout. I workout with insanity and I'm trying to get myself in better shape than I used to be. I do however see a senior walking back and forth to exercise