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Lots of parks, many bike trails, running trails, clean parks, many softball diamonds. Folsom Lake for skiing and fishing and camping.
I'm not into politics and don't know who the reps in this area are either. Fire and police are abundant and seem to be everywhere.
Many people are always out using the high school track, there are many bike trails, running trails, and also many health and wellness facilities you can use. There are 2 large trauma hospitals care is top notch.
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We live in a quiet neighborhood and the schools are very good. I have had 5 sisters and 1 brother and we have all gone to the same schools and in some cases had the same teachers.
Good weather all year round. It gets very hot in the summer cool winters and not much rain to speak of.
There are plenty of jobs to go around in this area. Many choices available.
There are alot of stores in my area with plenty of choices.
Summer is hot and somewhat humid. Winter is cold but warmer than some parts of the US. Fall and Spring are the best of both world saw with warm temperatures but cool breezes.
People tend to stay in the area once they are there... I love the sense of small town in a bigger environment
Mostly white community with a strong variance in economic status
There are businesses popping up everywhere so the job market is looking up!
Awesome food options and there are new options popping up all over town
It's great once you settle in and get to know the area!
There's always something to do with new things opening everyday.
There is always a presence of the men in blue-- mostly safe everywhere.
As long as you know when is the most "hit" times to be on the road-- holidays, rush hour, etc.-- and stay away from "hot" zones you should be fine.
It's near many things: Folsom lake, the Sierras, the American River, and many others.
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They recently opened expansions on both the Galleria mall and the Fountains. The restraints are a mixture of chains and singular independently owned ones which adds to the diversity of food and services available. TONS OF STUFF TO DO!
Very nice neighborhoods with a variance in types of housing and demographics