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My experience on the South Side of Chicago was good at some points. There were lost's of violence around where I lived. At some points I felt safe and at some points I didn't feel safe. Will i ever go back to the South Side of Chicago? Sure! I will only if i am visiting family.
More Jobs,Police Respect for residents.Less Parking Tickets and other Fines. Less gang activity,more programs for our youth
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My experience in south Chicago have been a mixture of good and bad. what makes it bad is the crime and what makes it go is the people from there that is technically your friends but so turn into your family. You take a special connected of each of the Chicago 77 neighborhoods. what people take from this is the artwork here. There are many type of wall art and sculptures around the south Chicago neighborhood which brings the south Chicago to life. The only things I was change is the crime here because crime don't happens that much here but once in a while it happens around which people barely hear about it sometime.
I really like how we are able to have a back to school parade every year for over 80 years. I would like for us to start more organizations for keeping children off of the streets.
This is my home town. I love the south side. It can be very dangerous at times, but just move right and you'll be fine.
South Chicago is diamond in the rough in terms of location. It's a SouthEast side neighborhood that's steps from Lake Michigan and a number of its beaches. Transportation options are abundant with Metra train and CTA bus systems that take you into downtown Chicago pretty quickly. For drivers, it's also conveniently located near the popular Lake Shore Drive; equivalent to PCH highway in L.A. Sadly, the area has been known for its criminal element and is undergoing gentrification as we speak. A change for the better in terms of community outreach and activism has begun....hopefully it's not too late.
The south side of Chicago varies on location. I lived on the corner of 23rd and St. Louis ; the block was near two different gangs. I shortly attended Farragut High School which made me appreciate other schools. It was a terrible school. Gang fights broke out every day in the lunch room. The neighborhood was friendly to me because they all knew who I was.
Transportation is excellent around Chicago. And what I like most about South Chicago is the museums are free to residence of Chicago .
South Chicago is very close to the lake, but the residents have no maritime activities. The neighborhood is rich with history and culture. The shopping is OK, but you can find anything you need in a decent distance. Indiana is less then 10 minutes away, so enjoying the bordering state is a bonus. The area can be so much more with the right kind of investments that include the local community.
More business opportunities, have businesses looked over more ofter. over worked employess for very little pay
I have been living here all my life I had experienced the good and the bad here growing up as a child to an adult I can say I am still standing and living life. I like that it has many attractions and outings you could do with your family as a resident or tourists. If they work on certain things here far as the crime in our everyday lives the violence is ridiculous and crime is not good here if that get solved as well as higher wages and other things we will be fine and everyone will love it here in Chicago Illinois
I see police cars often in my neighborhood. I am worried about safety but i feel as of their is nothing I can do about it.
I live on the south side of Chicago. A nickname the area that I live in is called the Bush. I feel as if the violence is on a block by block chart or pattern. For example the block I live on is safe. The next block behind my house is very violent. The Fourth of July just went by. I could not figure out if it was fire works or gun shots. The police are present but on a day like that it is hard to tell.
I have not really noticed any police officers in my area. I would guess the crime rate or criminal activity is under control
The people of South Chicago more specifically South Phillips are not welcoming at all. If I were to do it all over again, I would have not come here. Apart from being easy to access public transportation and fast food areas there's nothing really going on or happening in this area. If I were to rate this place on a scale from 1-10, I'd most definitely give it a four.
There are several shootings that occur throughout the year but there are worse neighborhoods compared to this one
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I would live in Pilsen neighborhood in chicago because of the mexican population that surrounds the neighborhood
Nothing but gangs and drug dealers around the area.
There is always violence happening with gangs and drugs.