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Not the best area in wichita but better than living in grove as we used to
There's a little too much crime in the area and we are hoping to move but can't afford it at this time
The area is calm and quiet.
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The weather here is very varied even within each season. The summer can be very hot but it can also have very pleasant temperatures. June is usually nice with July and August hotter. Fall and spring are terrific here with very moderate temperatures. These two seasons are great for outdoor events or just taking walks. The winter here varies from moderate to very cold with bitter wind chills. We get some snow every year averaging around 3-4 inches per snowfall. The worst part of the weather is the wind. We have many windy days and during the winter the windchills are well below freezing. The past couple of years have seen adequate rainfall and the water reserves are in good shape. The weather rarely remains one way for more than a few days with cold fronts and heat waves frequently occurring during all seasons.
Most of the food and drink establishments in this area are hispanic and offer little variety in food. A couple of fast food restaurants are nearby but the choices are very limited. The bars are typically filled with customers of certain ethnic backgrounds and are not very popular outside their niche. Most general bar and nightlife options are accessible only with a car. They are not within walking or biking distance. Although the popular downtown restaurants and nightlife are not close by there are not far away either and take only a few minutes by car to reach that area. But the downtown area is still a little far from this area to be considered part of the neighborhood. Recently the downtown area has been expanding and hopefully that will have an impact on my neighborhood and encourage more restaurants and other business to include this neighborhood. The only 2 large restaurants closed recently, with one relocating about 5 miles away.
There are many local businesses in this area, just not a great variety. If you need a car repaired or new tires this is the area of town to come to. If you like hispanic and other ethnic food there is a good choice in this area. The nearest true grocery store is several miles away in a different neighborhood but there are several convenience stores in the area for immediate needs. The local YMCA is several miles away, too far to walk probably, but biking is a possibility. There are several laundromats but no dry cleaners which is an inconvenience. There are several small, locally owned shops and motels in the area. There is a close by Walmart where most of the neighborhood goes to buy everyday items. The two largest restaurants in the neighborhood closed this year and that has left a need for this area. There are many retail spots available and hopefully more business will move to this area as it revitalizes.
Employment has been slower to rebound here than in many areas of the country. Part of the reason is our economy is tied so closely to the major airline manufacturers and many of them have shifted jobs out of this area. But other industries are trying to absorb some of the displaced workers. Some new developments have begun recently that will create jobs and the city itself is campaigning for new industries and more jobs. This area has a lot to offer with a fairly moderate climate and a central location. I think jobs will increase over the next several years but right now the market it a little tight. The industry I am currently in is very strongly regulated with regards to salary which is one reason I am returning to school in order to increase my value in the job market. The economy is slowing beginning to grow in this area and with it will come more jobs and hopefully higher salaries for skilled workers.
This area is one of the first neighborhoods in Wichita. The houses are around 100 years old and have a lot of character. Unfortunately, many of the properties are run down and/or vacant. The neighborhood is very convenient to the trendy downtown area that has seen a lot of growth over the last decade. The cost of housing in my neighborhood is very low right now and you can get a large home for less than most other areas of the city. All utility services are available. This area is at the beginning of a transition. I believe property values will begin to rise slowing over the next several years. As the growing downtown housing market expands, the next logical choice is my neighborhood. Apartment buildings are being remodeled and some homes are being fixed up. I think I am in a prime area to experience revitalization in the coming years. As the housing market grows, hopefully retail and restaurant business will follow. I really like this part of town because the homes are not cooker cutter and have a lot of character. I truly believe that 10 years down the road, this will be the area to live in. It is near downtown and major roads and highways. It is one of the inner areas that can be developed into something special and I look forward to being a part of that.