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neighbors are a big part of feeling the sense of security. we all watch our for each other. police are also visible.
Its a community where neighbors take care of neighbors.
Not too many incidents but authorities have shown up when needed.
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Its a small side of a big city that is quiet and has a relatively low crime rate.
The police aren't really visible but they are responsive to any disturbance, if any.
It's pretty good calm, and quiet.
Some areas are not as well kept as others, but it adds to the culture and environment of San Antonio.
I'd love to live here forever because the art is so rich and the area is so beautiful and lively.
Nothing really happens and it's great
Everything is safe and awesome!
Since living here there has been at least two different times where their has been gun shots. and the police running all over the apartment complex.
When you keep to your self every thing is fine. But many of the parents allow their children out side unattended, and the poor children are as young as 3 years old. that is what makes living in my location difficult to just walk out side; having to see so many children alone.
My Neighborhood is a very safe area to live everyone knows one another and get along easily. Which really has no one worried about any type of crimes or having to see the police in the neighborhood at random times due to an altercation.
I'm pretty sure our neighbors are in the wrong crowd but you can't be skeptical about people.
I love the environment and the people around are alright. I do not have any complaints.
Its not as bad as people may think the area may not look as beautiful as the north side but it still has a peace to it.
Alot of apartments, just to rent come out to as much as the rent of a house and deposit. While some are nice most of them are not worth the extended pay nor come with the utilites you need. Because im not necessarily from around here iwouldnt quite know the best areas maybe downtown near north star mall, or near live oaks.
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Most people I have been able to get to know have lived in this area most of their lives with family. The area is a comfortable layout and lets homeowners and sometimes apartment complex have there loving pets with them, there are at times some strays but most belong to someone in the community.
Whenever a crime happens in my area and you call tbe cops it usually takes about and hour or so until they areive to help you. By then something else could have happened without the police actually knowing. It seems that police often take there jobs for granted thinking they can do as they please. I dont know how many time friends of mine or family members have been cut off by rude copa not following rules, or when they speed for no reason because not even there red and blue alarms are going off.
In this specific street, there is not many crimes due to most house owners being senior citizens. There has been some shootings and burglaries, but not to where anyone getting hurt. However, when there is a crime, police are slow to show up, and it is rare that they do much. What we do see often are ambulances and have had cases where senior citizens have need medical assists or were found dead.