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South campus is a very safe place to leave.It is surrounded by many restaurants,bars and entertaiment. The neignbourhood are a mixe of international nations distingfull by their clothers,dialect as well as their welcomer.
There's no AC in my building, but the community is so great that I don't even mind it too much.
I have not experienced anything personally but I hear of break ins and robberies which is a major concern.
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As a college student it is a good area but most of the night life/events revolve around bar life. Unless you are 21 there isn't much to do off campus.
There have been multiple break-ins in the area in the past year. Police are decently quick with responses. The snow plowing in the area during the winter is terrible. This causes street corners to become icy leading to cars sliding on ice.
Nice area for a college campus. Housing is affordable and near Ohio State. The area is mainly college students between the ages of 18 and 25. It is on par with other college housing
It's fun, there's lot to do in the city and lots of little cafes good for studying or hanging out with friends but at night it can get a bit sketchy. Once it's dark our I'm to afraid to be outside alone or even be home alone. Certain areas are scary in the daylight too.
I really enjoyed my choice. I feel connected.
There is some crime but many precautions are taken.
I love the options in the Columbus area of being able to be outside in nature.
Ohio weather has its ups and downs but there are not usually any natural disasters to worry about.
You can find whatever you are in the mood for within a couple miles of wherever you are at all times.
There are plenty of opportunities in the area for college students as well as graduates.
The variety of stores in the Columbus downtown area and around OSU campus are incredible! The local food places as well as retail stores always keep things interesting.
very unique venues of food and drink with food from different countries and restaurants and bars open most hours
Local businesses come in a wide variety and offer unique and cheap experiences
Many options exist, but a majority of job seekers are still in college and looking for only part time jobs.