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It probably alot worse in another part of the city but at this point I feel like its the worst right now where we reside I have young men growing up and they are very impressionable and to think that I fear for them everytime they walk out the door.
The neighborhood that we reside in isnt the worst ive seen but it definetly is far from being the best there are ppl that if you cross to the other side of the street live way better then we do. Bigger houses of course that means more of a rent or mortgage payment but it just seems like that if you cross the street your in a new part of the city because everything seems like better quality of living.
I only hear about crime on the news, and not many serious crimes take place in our area.
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This area isn't pleasant at all. There is nothing to do. It's not kid friendly, there aren't any local parks or places to hike, you have to drive at least 2 hours out to come across a decent park. This area is sad and ridiculous.
There are a lot of activities to do here, including cultural events, music, different restaurants, and family-oriented activities. There is an average life span in this community, and most people are friendly.
There are bad areas here, just like any other city. I do see a lot of police officers out. I don't have any major concerns though.
There are many employment and educational opportunities in this area, and I love the diversity here. Overall, I enjoy living here, and I would certainly choose to live here again if I had to "do it all over."