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I've lived in the area for six years. I have everything that I need here. On my block, there is a park, a library, and within a five minute walking distance is a local independent grocery store. I couldn't be happier in Portland. My daily commute to downtown is a breeze as well. Though its close to town, it's still a quite area.
I have lived in South Burlingame for about 13 years now. I really like the area. It is quiet and beautiful. The people who reside here are friendly and supportive of each other. We do tend to get stuck here when it snows though. We are on a hill, so when the snow comes, we get stuck. There is a wonderful Natural area close by. Tryon Creek State Park. Excellent paths to walk and bicycle upon. Lewis and Clark College is close by as well, so there are many students who live in the area. The houses are not crammed together, which is really nice. We are able to have privacy when we wish. Overall, I would say it is a really wonderful area. I am glad that I live here. I would suggest that people move here.
The crime rate is very low, with little innocents.
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I love the atmosphere and I would choose it again.
People who live here are very active because they have access to beautiful nature resources.
We have excellent public services but there is always room for improvement.
I have never experienced crime in my time here. However, I have heard that there is minor crime in certain areas of Portland, like any other city.
There is apparently a chance of a very large earthquake in Portland. However, this is not a reason to rate the weather poorly overall.
I have heard that jobs are harder to get in Portland but have not personally found this to be true.
Portland is known for the food and nightlife. No matter what dietary restrictions you may have, you will never go hungry here.
Stores in Portland avoid the typical "cookie cutter", corporate feel. They are often owned and operated by locals and tend to be completely unique. This allows for a wide variety of entertainment, retail, and food options.