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South Buffalo is an ideal place to live if you are looking for something affordable and in a safer neighborhood. The neighbors are friendly and sociable. South Buffalo is close to downtown, which is filled with things to do both during the day and night. There are also very nice parks that hold family-friendly events (carnivals/festivals, farmers markets, free lunches for kids, etc). I would definitely improve the education levels at public schools.
I live in kiasertown and its peaceful and freindly. i like the diversity. I find it to ok as far as commuting on the area buses
Id like to see less abandoned buildings. Cleaner streets. Stop letting kids stand on the corner selling drugs and causing trouble, robbing things. South Buffalo used to be such a nice place to live. It can be like that again if we all come together and work on it as a team!
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There are the occasional late night shootings. The safety is not a concern in my end, but on certain parts of town the shootings happen.
It is extremely cold sometimes, and not enough warm days.
Could be better but that is like most places. Police are usually patrolling but I am not sure as to how responsive they are.
I like Buffalo and the surrounding areas a lot. There is room for improvement but that looks like it is on its way. We need improvement to our infrastructure in the city and elsewhere in WNY too.
The rate of car break ins in usually high in my neighborhood. I have had my windows smashed out before in the middle of the night and everything was stolen out of my car. I have had to call the cops several other times because I've caught more people trying to break into cars on my street. The police drive down my street at least once a night.
Although I live in a friendly neighborhood consisting of mostly family over the age of 30, there is a high crime rate. A lot of people walk on our street in order to get to other streets. There has been several times I have caught people breaking into our car and I've had to call the cops. The good part about living where i do is the housing. They are very big apartments that have a spacious back yard.
Due to the reputation and people living in the area, not much is publicized about the crime that takes place in the area. The people are generally great, of course you still have to lock you doors and cars, but that's expected in any neighborhood.
This neighborhood has always been a great place and I've lived here my whole life. Crime and bad neighbors have increased but the future is looking bright because of a solar panel factory being built a few blocks away. Housing values are hopefully going to go up as the city builds up this neighborhood to attract more people to work at the factory. I can't compare it to anywhere else in the country because I've never lived anywhere else, but it's definitely city living. Bad neighbors or bad landlords are bound to happen, but overall this neighborhood still has great character and a sense of loyalty to it.
Not great but most streets are safe to walk down.
South Buffalo is a place with strong pride in its community and especially its Irish heritage (whether or not you are actually Irish does not matter). Very friendly people who will be life long friends.
Overall, very safe community. Occasionally, community deals with several house break-ins, but they are usually resolved
Close knit community. Everyone is friendly.
Most crimes are petty and nothing to worry about. Vandalism is an issue, but burglaries, violent crimes, etc. are rare enough that they present no overt problem.
This neighborhood has seen better days. Most properties are poorly maintained and it seems that there are fewer reputable businesses each year. Absentee landlords rent their buildings to very bad tenants, and so there can often be a lot of disruptions, especially in the summer.
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Housing prices have stayed pretty reasonable.
We live in my husband's grandparents house after it was his parents house where he grew up. People tend to stay in the area or move and move back.
There has been an increase in house break-ins in our neighborhood lately. The police and social media have kept this in the neighborhood spotlight. Now all neighbors look out for everyone and their property.