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South Broad Street Reviews

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Some houses are beautiful, but they definitely need repair.
Newark doesn't even have a community.
Newark is known for criminal activity.
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Newark is not the best city known to man.
Gunshots were heard weekly, police at the corner two to three times a week.
I felt unsafe in this area almost every day that I lived here. People tried to break into our house three times. We moved, eventually.
It's a bad area. A lot of crime and I'm I'm trying to get out of hear but I need a scholarship.
The crime is high. I don't feel safe at all, and I don't feel safe for my family. People are poor, constant homelessness. Job outlook is bad. New businesses are tying to open, but if you don't feel safe, then you'll be hesitant about opening a business in such a crime infested area
There is no sense of community. There's been some violence around and the city is known to not be too safe so we keep to ourselves snd stay inside quite a bit.
There are some new houses and some old houses. The old look the same and the new look the same. They're big apartment style houses.
There's one park i go to and it's pretty big, but besides it, there isn't much green space in the city.
It's a great balance of warmth in the summer and cold in the winter. Some snow in the winter, but it's nice to have a school day off sometimes.
There isn't much to eat around here. I have to take the car and drive for at least ten minutes before I get to a nice place to eat.
There aren't an employers in my neighborhood. It's a sort of shady neighborhood where I don't walk around outside very much. There is more employment in the ironbound, which is nearby, but it is hard to find a job due to the high level of immigrants willing to work under the table.
There isn't much in the way of local business. There's a corner store and a small restaurant up three blocks from my home, but they look kind of shady, so I've never visited.
Housing is very poor. All complexes and Half-way houses. Not well maintained and somewhat noisy.
No one in the area ever knows what's going on within the community. We have poor government facilities and few publicly announces forums. Children have very little to do in the neighborhood.
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There are shootings and hit and runs in the area, but it is sporadic and the people are often targeted and not random.
We get weather normal for the east coast. Occasional rain in the spring, sunshine in the summer, cold winters, and breezy autumns. Nothing too dramatic.
The unemployment line is nearly a block long and most jobs here are hotel, retail, or food industry jobs.