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It used to be a beautiful is full of drugs and despair now. It is really sad. I wish it was like it was in the 90 s..but, it's not.
Southie is becoming more diverse, but it's still segregated in a way. While it offers nice restaurants, bars, and the night life is booming, it still has it's drawbacks. Now mostly professionals live here, but it's so expensive to rent or buy here.
I grew up in South Boston, I moved out 3 years ago due to not being able to afford to live here any longer, but I continue to work for a non-profit in South Boston.
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Segregation still exists in the neighborhood of South Boston. The only difference is that local law no longer mandates segregation. However, it is very much alive and can be seen by how certain groups of people are localized in specific parts of the neighborhood. De facto segregation is happening in South Boston.
South Boston is a more friendly part of Boston. Neighbors say hello to each other and strangers. South Boston has more luxury housing than other neighborhoods, but also has some section 8 and low income housing in the mix. They embrace local businesses, big and small, as well as encourage the growth of a small youth run business, working with youth in foster care, court involved, and homeless.
I moved to South Boston six months ago with my boyfriend, and I love it. Southie has a small town feel to it, but you can also walk or take the train to get anywhere else in the city. I go to Castle Island a lot to go swimming or eat or relax with the view. I'm so glad we moved here!
I lived in the projects, and often a lot of the buildings are extremely old and dirty. Before, there were a lot of people trespassing and creating an unsafe scene for residences. Often it is rat and cockroach infested during the summer.
I love the being close the the ocean and downtown. I would like to see more affordable housing and more diversity.
From the day I was born up to today, I have lived in South Boston. At times South Boston has its dangerous moments just like any other neighborhood. However, living in this neighborhood has brought about many of my best memories that I treasure up until this day. Whether childhood memories, transitioning into m teenage years, or becoming an adult, South Boston has been the root of it all.
The majority of the community is young professionals. There are many new restaurants and shops and lots of new housing in development. Everything is within walking distance if you live in the area with something to do every night. The area used to have a high crime rate but it has changed drastically in recent years and the crime rate has plummeted. There are lots of public transit options if you work in the city and many bike lanes throughout the neighborhood. This is an excellent place to live if you are a young professional, as there is so much to do and it is so close to the city.
My experience living in South Boston, I have seen the best and worst. Overall, I really love this neighborhood since it is where I grew up in. What I don’t necessarily like is how the buildings are changing and new condos are being built around the neighborhood complex that I live in.
I love south Boston it is where I grew up and where I would live to live with my family. I like the atmosphere and the people are so kind to others. One thing I dislike about it is there are a lot of new people coming into the town and many southie people do not like the changing of stores to buildings and apartments for these new people coming to the town.
It is a great place to live and very easy to get to any other part of Boston. Cab ride from South Boston to any other part of Boston is on average $10.
The violence in the neighborhood bad, I can't let my children out to play. People hang outside at night and I am scared to go home. The parking is terrible.
It's been almost a year living in South Boston. I never thought that I would like it so much. It's a great neighborhood for many reasons. People are very friendly and helpful. More and more small businesses are coming to the area. The location is fantastic, especially in the summer time. Short walks to the Boston's Seaport and Carson Beach are fun to take with my dog. I've also joined a local Crossfit club members of which quickly became my friends. I can't imagine moving to any other neighborhood now
South Boston is a very diverse community. You have individuals of all backgrounds with different cooking styles, languages, and class living in the same area. Once a year people crowd the streets to parade and celebrate the culture that was Southie. It is a community rich in culture and history. If you know about desegregation, then you might know that Southie played a huge role in it. Then you have your Whitey Bulger movie that shines light on the history of South Boston. And imagine, all that happens within a 3 mile radius of the beach that leads to the castle known as Fort Independence.
I love the tight-knit community of South Boston. It is a smaller city compared to other areas in the city and its Irish culture is something it has been known for for many years. The beaches are nice, but could use a little uplift- perhaps more volunteers to help keep the beaches cleaner. As a school nurse within the district, I believe there should be more funding in the public schools to help reduce the classroom sizes so students have a better chance of getting a great education.
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There is a strong police presence in South Boston and that helps me to remain unconcerned about too much crime or violence happening in my area.
The area in which i live is very nice. I like it a lot and if i had the chance to go back in tie and change where i lived i would not change a thing. The sense of community that makes up South Boston has helped to shape me into the person that i am and i like the fact that in my neighborhood everyone knows everyone or at least knows of the family.
the area is diverse and well serviced