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South Boise Village Reviews

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love the location , so close to down town, and BSU! Easy acess to the green belt is fabulous! Manitou park is dog friendly, and love the community of people that live and own homes that are all very unique. would love to see more young families move into the area and add a family vibe!
Very clean, quiet area. Lot of family style homes in a general area easy to get on free way and close to shopping
There is a lot of crime that goes on but it is usually pretty hidden from every day life in this city.
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I've lived in Boise my entire life and will always come back. I know there are more places to see and go to but this place will always be home
Boise feels very much like a home. People are kind and the city is clean and well kept.
Boise is a great up and coming city. It is an average size city, but it has the perks of a large city yet often feels like a small town.
There is always something to do, I live in the rocky mountains. Pollution is minimal, lakes, rivers and ponds are clean, surrounded by national forest.
I live close to fire dept, police have substations near by, so response time is quick. Hospital is 2 miles away.
Very low crime rate. nieghbors watch out for each other. As like any city, there are areas you shouldn't go to at night. Warm weather does seem to bring out a few weirdos.
I love that we have all 4 seasons. Winter snow and skiing, fall leaves, summers at the lake or on the river, spring fflowers. Sandals, hiking boots, snow boots and tennis shoes are good basics.
Not a drinker or barfly, but there is a wide range of cultural food and american food available. everything from middleeastern, nepalese to jananese.
There is a large variety of mom and pop stores, healthy options as well as tons of popular companies like Macys, Dillards, Microsoft, etc. The town is pretty spread out, making room for malls. I can pretty much find anything I want.
Because it's across from the college campus, there is a large turnover in the apartment housing. Still, the neighborhood has a sense of permanency and pride in ownership due to the nice mixture of older neighborhoods. It's a good mixture. It's a very walking, biking friendly town. You can leave your belongings on the front porch without much fear of them being stolen.
This is a fun place to live with plenty of things to do, places to go. People are friendly. You don't have to worry about crime. It is very clean, organized. People care about quality of life.
There is a wide variety of options.
This area is a real mixture of long time residents and college students from around the world. People are friendly and courteous.
It's very easy to get around because there are safe sidewalks, bike lanes, the traffic lights allow for a blinking yellow; which helps prevent congestion because drivers can make a legal turn if it is safe.