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South Berkeley is the arts and cultural hub of this community. Its a destination spot for glorious murals and one whole block on Alcatraz Ave is covered in murals.
Not the safest part of town but always active. A little shady at night but during the day there are always tons of people around.
There hasn't been much crime here to my knowledge. Some homeless do tend to cause disturbance but most police get the ones loitering instead of the ones stealing and disturbing business's.
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This area is very calm. Everything is close by as well as transportation methods. There is not a lot of crime here either. The government is the only thing going downhill which in return affect the economy.
Although there is a high rate of crime, this place has the feel of community to me. I feel like a know a majority of the people who live in the area.
I am not very active in local politics. I am near a police station, so that makes me safe sometimes. I have mixed feelings on our police force. Sometimes I think they do good but other times I feel like they take drastic measures. I appreciate the tax on soda.
In my complex people don't tend to interact very much. We are friendly with each other and greet each other, but not much more than that. The neighborhood surrounding it seems to be very friendly. When a fire happened last year, a bunch of neighbors came out to help out. A lot of the kids in the neighborhood tend to play outside in the front yard with each other on weekends.
Directly in my neighborhood, there is hardly any crime that I know of. In nearby areas there is some crime like muggings.
It feels great. However, due to lack of rain we have been experiencing a severe drought. Every time it rains, people are unhappy, but at this point we are all hoping for it.
I don't know much about the bar or club scene, but the variety of food available is amazing. Theres Thai, Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese,etc. It isn't hard to find good food around here. My personal favorite is getting the mojado burrito from Taqueria Monte Cristo. It also has a good variety of vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Saturn, the vegetarian is a little pricey, but it is pretty good. I personally suggest the space cowboy, which is a black bean burger with cheese, vegan bacon, bbq sauce and onion strings. They also have great milkshakes.
There are a lot of opportunities for the local college students. Its mostly in retail or food service and require some inquiry with the establishment. Many people in my neighborhood are retired. A lot of the other people that live here work either here or somewhere nearby. It's close to public transportation so its easy to get to work from here.
There are a lot of Himalayan and Indian shops within walking distance. There are also a lot of thrift stores nearby. If you prefer to shop at big box stores, this isn't your place. Buffalo exchange is a great place to get unique and nice thrift store finds. Theres also bookstores like half price bookstore and pegasus all on the same street.
Most of the year the temperature ranges from 50 to 80 degrees so there is not much change in season. This makes being outside an easy and enjoyable thing to do and is convenient for all of the people who walk and bike and take public transportation.
There is a ton of diversity in terms of ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation. Most of the people seem very happy and friendly.
There is a lot of progress in this neighborhood and many new places are opening up that the locals frequent. I really enjoy this area and would definitely live here in the future.
Plenty of public transportation and extremely pedestrian and biker friendly area. The traffic sometimes gets bad but it is also somewhat avoidable.
There's not many options in this immediate area however the options are very diverse and include Ethiopian, organic, vegetarian, Mexican, artisan bakeries, and a few fast food places, too. There is a vegan doughnut shop, a KFC, and an organic creole restaurant all within a mile.
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Almost every store is locally owned and include cafes, restaurants, dry cleaning, automobile, and many many cornerstore/drugstores. There aren't many immediately nearby grocery stores, gyms, or shops.
People really try to create a sense of community by hosting block parties and random block potlucks, movie nights, book exchanges, etc. The people tend to live here for a few years and while its very mixed, it is very pet and family friendly.
Police and fire stations are pretty nearby and respond fairly quickly. However, I know that there are many cases that are left and never picked up due to the large amounts of them (ex: rape, burglary cases, etc). The local laws are very citizen friendly and I like the local reps.