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I like the way our community is very supportive of each other. We could be better with more funding in STEM programs for our public schools.
Coming from a small town to Now a 10 year Southbelt Resident really good! Big City meets small town charm kinda feel! Nice and quiet for the most part. The location's great! Easy access to 45 and the Beltway; also the HOV/Toll lane to bypass any major accidents causing high traffic delays during the early AMs! I actually feel centralized...meaning if we want a Family Beach Day it's about a 40 min drive to Galveston or have a Big City Date Night its about 30 mins to downtown. We're also close to Hobby airport, Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, grocery stores, shopping centers, and entertainment like movie theaters, bowling, & neighborhood bars! I have to agree with another resident...The only downside is the occasional flooding with heavy rain but I switched from a car to an SUV to get the Most Ground Clearance! ;) LOL
It is a very nice and clean neighborhood. The pinnacle of a suburban dream. There mare many small town businesses near by that can fill ones day. The roads are cleaned and maintained and it is very much a family oriented area.
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My family and I have lived here for nearly 18 years and haven't encountered any major problems. The area is nice, quiet, and family friendly.
I have lived in the Southbelt/Ellington area my whole life overall it is nice quiet and friendly. There of course is the usual crime as in any neighborhood but for the most part quiet. Traffic During rush hour can get pretty heavy especially on interstate 45 with the current construction. Has everything one needs plenty of shopping centers, hardware store, and grocery stores. Students here will most likely attend either PISD, CCISD, or HISD with the least likely Houston ISD. Schools are kept up very nice teachers are nice friendly overall some of the best in Houston. Perhaps the downside to the area is that it will occasionally flood in heavy rain, traffic can get horrendous, and living far from the city but still the city atmosphere.
The police aren't very help fun we had a hit and run incident on our family car, we called the cops but none showed up for us we had to flag them down for help but yet they choose not to care.
Its pretty great I live near beltway 8 and I-45 so i can get almost anywhere in Houston pretty quick and i also come from a small town so the city seen is amazing to me.
Crime has gone up, specially around my area/neighborhood.
I like living around here
Bad elements have been moved into the area like bad teens who are not supervised and have been invading the privacy of other tenants of this property.
It is an average area with average problems.
Thankfully there has not been any reports of crime. The police seems to be always be visible and gives us comfort in our safety.
It great that I live close by the airport and downtown. The best about living in this area is that my College is only 15 minutes away without traffic.
You don't run into a lot of crime in this area. Overall, it is pretty safe most of the time and one should not be concerned with the presence of criminals in this area.
This area has a generally relaxed atmosphere, and I see it as a good place to live in due to its proximity to I-45, shopping malls, and general stores. It may grow in the future into a more metropolitan area, but for now I see it as a good place to settle temporarily.
There have been a couple crimes reported since I first moved here with my family, but overall it is changing to almost no crimes lately.
This area is a pretty decent area to live in if you're a college student or a single parent. I would not recommend a family living here as there are no parks or play areas for children.
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What I like about the area I live in is that it's quiet and also very relaxing. I can be outside and hang out with my family because it's safe and not a lot of crimes do happen or have happened since I moved in the area. I have not seen people move in though, but I also have not seen people move out. I like it very much.
People tend to live in the area for a reallly long time. The houses are new and the location is perfect. It's near everything. The community is very pet friendly and family friendly. We're always inviting our neighbors for barbecue.
The police are very visible throughout the pearland area. The crime rates are low.