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South Beaverton Reviews

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This is a really wonderful neighborhood full of kind and compassionate people. We are a couple in our late 20's, and really appreciate how quiet and safe our area is.
very little crime and violence in this area.
relatively crime free, good community, excellent schools, great access to public services, stores, shopping and activities of all kinds.
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It's a suburb, so crime isn't really an issue. Mainly lots of traffic violations from speeders in residential neighborhoods.
Oregon is beatiful and Beaverton is a nice, quiet suburb to live in while still being close to Portland.
It rains 24/7 here with a chance of sunshine
This is a big area with many people so there aren't a lot of jobs.
There are so many businesses here. My favorites include whole foods, cafe allegro, and red robin! There is everything you could need in this area.
Almost every individual local business I've been to has been accommodating and has had welcoming employees.
family neighborhood that's safe for kids to play outdoors, walk to school, and for families to enjoy the area easily.
Large industry & technology within a small commute
I'd like to see more local small business and restaurants in my immediate community.
Weather is great! Cool and comfortable. Very rainy, however I don't mind.
Everybody is very accepting. I have never seen someone being teased because of their diversity.
Good food, as well as good variety. Incredibly happy hours.
Policeman and fireman are always on top of it. Public facilities are well kept as well.
Incredibly safe! Never had to worry about my own personal safety.
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All of the above! Friendly and healthy. Don't know what else to add.
Beautiful and easily accessible. One of the best features of the area.
Very healthy and energetic neighborhood! I definitely enjoy living here.