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With a change in my family's situation, I have moved into the south baton rouge area. This area is close enough to all venues that I can get around without too much hassle. There is still a great deal of traffic at the regular times of the day. Being close to LSU and the casino has its advantages on game day. The cost of living is very diverse ranging from very high to very low depending on which area you are driving through.
My experience in south baton rouge has always been a pleasant one. I have lived in S. baton rouge for 20 years before moving away. I frequent the area due to my mother still residing there. The area is comfortable because everyone knows each other. Jobs are average and crime could be better but all in all I love the place. I am a LSU fan so living close to the school has always been a plus.
I often see police cars patrolling the area
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I love this area. It's really close to everything like the mall, Walmart, Perkins Rowe, etc.
Not much crime happens in this part of town. We get the occasional breaking and entering but nothing bad happens often
The area surrounding the neighborhood is growing but the overall quality of the area as far as trash and cleanliness could improve
Depending on the area you're in you can rely on being secure. Some neighborhoods are dangerous but it's very obvious which areas to avoid. Other than that people are over all pretty honest.
I moved from Houston, Texas to live here and I have to say, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the most racist, corrupt, ignorant places I've ever encountered. Our governor spent his entire term trying to sabotage our public schools even though he himself graduate from a public school in Baton Rouge. Our citizens openly fly confederate flags, and the city is so segregated that often you'll come across people who know nothing about other cultures because they have never had any interaction with them and have no desire to because racism is accepted here. I miss Texas every day. I miss the diversity and strive towards better education and peoples' desire to be educated.
This community isn't close-knit; we are cordial with each other and have respect for other people's respective property. People usually move to this area and stay for many years, even when they have become an empty-nester.
Crime in this area isn't very common, so the police isn't really needed as much. But, when the people in the neighborhood do require the help of the police, they don't respond as quick as you hope they would.
The area is peaceful with not much noise. It's a pretty decent place to raise children, whether they are toddlers or adolescents. Occasionally, there may be a few burglaries, but I think that applies to any neighborhood. Overall, the neighborhood is a nice area to raise a family.
it's pet and family friendly, people usually live here to raise there family.
it is a nice quite neighborhood
The area is still a safe place to walk and the kids all know one another as well as the adults.
Great place to raise kids
I like the neigbors and the community where I live; nearer schools; police station and universities are useful for public transportation. The construction growth is ever improving for campus living and employment potential is on the increase.
Great bars, great local restaurants, still around
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Near LSU is nice. Big business eats locals.
If you're not a white man, your chances are less.
Depends on where you live. White flight.