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South Atlanta is a very nice, quiet and clean neighborhood. Great for families and if you want to be away from the city.
South Atlanta has been a historically working class neighborhood. The crash of the automobile and manufacturing industry in this area had decimated the properties and people. Recently the exponential growth of Atlanta has turned this formerly blighted area into a well of potential. Conveniently located in short driving distance from the State capitol, Turner Field, Screengem Studios, Midtown, Downtown, Hartsfield Airport, and the Beltline, South Atlanta offers affordable living and terrific investment opportunities.
There are sometimes gang related violence going on
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Everyone do a great job but sometimes they lack in some areas
During the winter it gets really bad sometimes so it effects me from going to school. Summer is great . Fall is great . Spring is great.
There are only a few jobs to apply to
The food and drinks can be great sometimes and bad the next time