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South Acres / Crestmont Park Reviews

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Ive been living in this neighborhood since 2012 and overall my experience has been amazing. Many people think its a bad area considering where we are located but in fact its very calm and very nice. everyone minds their own business.
I reaally dont know nut i feel like that its is fair.
The area in which I live in is an okay environment. It still has the crimes of houses getting broken into but it is rarely to happen in my area. The living area is very quite and calm. The neighboors are friendly and elderly and they help keep others in the area safe.
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There are too many rapes and robberies around the area that I live.
I've been around this area my entire life. I am ready to leave and experience more things in life. There are too many shootings, and robberies around my place. There is a lot of drug use and I don't want to be here and become a product of my environment. I want to further my education so I can be a better person and move up in life.
the safety of others are around the same, the police are visible but they could do a lot better for we have a lot of elders in the neighborhoods close by
The area is now beginning to build up and more young people around my age are moving form other states to that area as well
Every once in a while I hear gunshots. (hunting)
The area is often times quiet and peaceful.
The crime is not much of an issues in my area which is great.
Overall the area is pretty nice and quiet and great.
Most of the homes are older
The crime is bad. I see a police at someone's home or stopping someone often
There is really no where for us to enjoy many outdoor activities
For the most part the weather is ok. We do get thunderstorms here and there
There is really no place for people to go out and spend the nn8gh5 ou5. They would have to drive at least 15 or 20 minutes to find something good.
I not really involved in politics
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There are not many job opportunities because there are not many places that are willing to hire outside of their family.
There are many corner stores in this area. There are also a few small businesses. There is not much diversity either and we also have very many fast food stops.
I'm not a very political person