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I've been living in this area for almost five years. The people are friendly and the neighborhood is vibrant. Soundview Park is a beautiful park with baseball fields, cookouts, and a trail. I love riding my bike in the area because there aren't many cars. During the summer, you see many people in the park or further up in Clason Point having cookouts and parties because the area is beautiful. You can see the river in our area and hear the planes flying overhead to LaGuardia, which is across that.
I have lived in Soundview for over 7 years, and in that time have noticed the diversity in the neighborhood. That diversity has brought services and goods into the neighborhood to benefit everyone. Only change needed are signs to remind neighbors to pick up their dogs poop.
Everybody knows each other and the environment has a lot of trees and nature around the building which brings life to your life.There are a lot of near by parks to do your excersies and morning jogs.people are usually friendly.
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It's a very nice place but I want to move somewhere different.
Housing in this area is okay. You can look for some places around that are not the best thing in the world but would work good enough if you're looking for a kinda cheap place to stay. Almost two to three blocks down where I live, they're building new buildings for people who have low-income.
It's been four years already and I see the same people around here so most are quite okay living here. There are some days where you can see people celebrating something, walking their dogs and other stuff.
Most of the time, I feel safe. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes, mostly at night, there are some groups of teenagers who like to hang out and are very noisy. Like, you can literally hear what they say from the fourth floor; the curses, the fights, the yelling at each other. And it's not a small group, it's more than five or six in one place. But you can see some police officers watching over the place so it's not that bad.
So far, it's almost like a fine place to live in. You see a lot of diversity as soon as you walk out of your building. There are some trees around which makes it look great. Something I never liked about this neighborhood is that a lot of people smoke a lot. Yes, there's people like that everywhere but it's just a lot sometimes. When I get to my building, I can smell the smoke in and outside, even though it's prohibited to smoke there. During the summer, some people tend to open the fire hydrants which bothers me a lot because all of that water is going to waste. Like once these hydrants are opened, nobody does anything to close them and A LOT of water just keeps coming out.
there is never crime over here, this is a safe neighborhood.
its very quiet, and you never really see people outside. only older people live around here, I barely have friends in my neighborhood.
There's hardly any issues to be honest the police station is about 10 mins from our house.
The overall neighborhood and neighbors are quite pleasant and keep to themselves. Everyone is caring and are willing to know about you and if there are any problems/situations that occur people are willing to help and the schools around here are pretty decent too.
A lot of crime in the area.
I won't live here again, the Bronx is a wonderful place, but their is a lot of crime. Many young kids are dying young, many parents are addicted to drugs parents do not have time for family.
As previously mentioned, the safety of my area (The Bronx) is not safe at all. There are only visible police officers in subway entrances. Where the only thing they do is make sure you are paying to enter the subway, or do random searches on bags. Other than that the community is not safe, at whatever time of the day. Monsters do not only come out at night.
The South Bronx has been my home for the last 18 years of my life. It has toughened my family and I up. Once you hit the means streets of New York you have to be aware of your surroundings all the time. Whether its getting off the subway heading to school, home, or the bank. I live in Washington state now and the environment lifts my spirits within itself every morning. I feel refreshed and people smile at me while walking. Not that there is not crime anywhere else, but in my home in the Bronx, there was just too many. I lived across the street from a NYPD and FDNY. I would hear the gates lifting and see the siren lights go off at least three times in a school week. My house was broken into, and no one was caught for the crime. It was a traumatizing experience. Ever since we have extra locks and cameras.
Based on my observation, there is not a lot of crime committed in my neighborhood.
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I would definitely not want to live here after I graduate from college because the quality of life is not that great. However, people still have a chance to be successful because it is close to Manhattan.
There is little crime in this area, but there is a need for more vigilant watching of the local community in order to avoid muggings and other petty crimes that frequently occur.
Employment options are of no major concern for the average worker, but there limited spots for higher education careers/jobs.