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I live in the "Olde Somerton" neighborhood which is an underrated gem.
People here have enough, neither rich nor poor. Center City is easily accessible but so is a country drive. You can have a bit of a yard and not feel scrunched up against your neighbors. The center of the neighborhood is the Boyle playground which is large and very well kept. There is always some team sport happening. Parents seem to make the schools work for them: a combination of public, parochial, and charter. Shops are nearby and neighbors are pleasant. One thing I really like is the old houses and curvy streets and a few creeks. Pennypack Environmental Trust is a short drive away.
The neighborhood is in the greater northeast area of Philadelphia. It is very quiet throughout the day. The diversity in the neighborhood is lacking for the most part.
Over the past few years, the amount of graffiti, vandalism, and trash on the street has skyrocketed. It is unfair for the children around here that cannot play on the playground because there are drugs on the ground and broken slides all over.
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I live in Northeast Philadelphia, and it started out much better than it is today. It is still my home, but I do not see myself staying here forever anymore.
The community is close and friendly and makes close friendships with most neighbors.
I have never felt anything but safe and only a few minor crimes have been committed in these areas.
I love my neighborhood and would choose to live here again. The schools are great, the people are friendly and become good friends, and it is a safe place.
Crime is extremely rare in the area that I live because police officers are responsive and keep the area safe.
I really like this area because it is very safe place to live. Last time I heard about crime in my area was almost 3 years ago. Atmosphere in the area is very friendly, we have very friendly neighbors who are willing to help in need. Overall I think that I would stay and live in this area because it is getting better.
In this area there are police around every corner making my family and myself feel safe. there have been a few robberies around this area and drug use but nothing too crazy.
The cops in our neighborhood are great about coming around if a problem should ever arise. There has not been any real crime activity on our street.
If I could live here all over again I still would because this is where I was born and raised. My parents strived to give me and my sister a great childhood and raised us to where we are now in this home.
I've lived here basically my whole life with my grandmother, & would love to live here when I get on my own. Great environment for kids to grow up in and a very nice and welcoming neighborhood.
There are so many restaurants in this area and they are all close by. For example, there's Michael's, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Applebee's, Hooters, Ninety Nine, Buffalo Wild Wings etc. These are just within 3 miles of where I live. Imagine expanding the radius to 10 miles. You are bound to come across many more.
Unlike urban neighborhoods, there aren't any "corner stores" on the corner. The most convenient stores are most accessible via driving. Walking isn't a bad idea but it's not the easiest. There are two big grocery stores and those include Shop Rite and Acme. Acme is a little pricier than Shop Rite. The local businesses that are the closest to my house are related to food. If you want to shop for clothing, you will definitely have to drive farther out of the neighborhood. There are many strip malls. Also, this location is very close to Philadelphia Mills, Oxford Valley Mall and Neshaminy Mall.
My neighborhood is very safe so there are always people walking or riding bikes around. Urgent care centers have been popping up all over but I haven't had the need to use one. If I wanted to join a gym there are several with in a few miles. I get most of my exercise in walking home from school,riding a bike or strength training at home.
My neighborhood is usually just hampered by nuisance crimes. I feel safe walking around at night. Police always seem to be patrolling the neighborhood. I haven't had much experience with 911 but when they are called to the block the response time seems very quick.
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Severe weather can happen but it is worse in other parts of the country. I get to experience all four seasons so my region has a lot to offer.
There isn't much to do for teenagers.
Now that I am 18 I have more options for employment,