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Its a very nice small town, very rural. Most people live on the outskirts which is nice because you dont have to worry about crime or anything like that. Its a great place for kids to go out and explore. The community pulls together to help others and throw festivals and community gatherings. There is also a neighborhood watch.
Police are always roaming around the streets, especially at night so it is definitely easy to be in contact with them. As for crimes there aren't too many specifically in this city, just a lot of car accidents.
The general atmosphere is busy and always live since Glendale is considered to be right at the top of Los Angeles. The future for this area seems great since they have tried to add in new popular restaurants at our local shopping area, The Americana. It seems they are trying to expand all businesses here which is good because it becomes a spot many people like to visit.
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It's not terrible but it's ok, I don't have any problems but we hear lots of sirens.
It's fine. I don't love or hate it.