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Excellent schools. Very friendly and diverse neighborhood. Safe and quiet. Close to major highway access and shopping malls. Perpetuity values hold very well even during market down times.
If you live here long enough, you'll get used to it. The weather is slightly unpredictable. For instance, it may rain and then stop and then continue again. It gets fairly wet here and stays fairly cool all year round.
There is a decent variety of food choices here, which makes the neighborhood a convenient place to eat.
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I see a lot of my friends getting jobs in the local area.
Decent variety with lots of places to eat.
yes lots of asians with money who love to jack up the prices for us whities
yes ive never had to use them but my friend works and the fire station and she is so chipper says she loves it soooooo much
they are too active some might say. they dont really like it when you trespass and stuff. no climbing rooftops or exploring cement plants for me
people tell me that its like this bad depressing grey mist but im all like noooooo
yea i'm all like noooo. this food and drink is dank
Yea its goo. But sometimes i feel like they are high school clicks
They are put together very well. They are unique and like a cooler version of Urban Outfitters. Although, they can be very expensive. So much so, that I sometimes think they should not be in business
Most of the stores are good. They have what you need, are relatively clean, and have friendly employees.
It depends on what someone is looking for. Some fields have quite a few opportunities, while others, it's really difficult to find.
It's Seattle - you're going to get rain. But it is not unpleasant if you do not mind cloudy, mild days.
I do not worry at all about crime in this neighborhood.
Bellevue is a good area for Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and all of the Seattle-based businesses.
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The houses are very big with spacious yards - great for kids. Each house has its own unique look.
It is nice and quiet, with enough fun to keep me on my toes.
There is a very diverse population in this area, which means that the kids grow up with friends of many different ethnicities