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Soho is a wonderful area, full of interesting people, lots of great stores, both "ma and pa" and corporate, fabulous cafes and restaurants, and fascinating historical sites, such as Aaron Burr's townhouse on Prince Street. I have lived in Soho for several decades, and I have witnessed the transformation from a middle class neighborhood to the hippest place in Manhattan, home to the wealthy elite and celebrities. Real estate and shopping prices have skyrocketed and many residents are not full time, but also have vacation homes elsewhere. Still, Soho is a very relaxed and informal place, where people still hang out on the street and watch the world go by.
Soho is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC. It has access to all subway lines, but you need not travel above 23rd street to get what you need. There are many wonderful restaurants and shops. The streets are always alive with energetic people. While it can get crowded on weekends, it is still a wonderful place to live.
I am absolutely obsessed with this neighborhood!! it always clean and looks amazing. lots of places to dine high to low. by far the best shopping in NYC.
really nice coffee shop all around. diversity of foods and people.
Also there are some galleries :) and it is easy to get to from any part of the city because there are many different train that gets there!! 5 Stars!!
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Simply amazing. If you're coming from out of state and want to see what New York is all about, SoHo is where to go!
Safe area but it is Manhattan so there is always a certain level of crime. Visibility of police is very high.
Atmosphere is very trendy but the downside is it does attract tourist and crowds. One of the most sought after living areas in Manhattan which makes it one of the most sought after in the country. Definitely would live here again. Real estate prices in this area will likely continue to rise.