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Slater Road/Hamilton Circle Reviews

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The area that I reside in is ok, but could be better.
When there is crime the police take care of it. I doesn't seem like too much activity is going on.
The seasons are usually dull. We don't get much snow or precipitation but when it will be 95 degrees outside in November. Very tricky weather
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Jobs are starting to open up a lot more than what they were, but I am really looking to get into my career instead or part time. So I'm looking long term
Local services in the area aren't that great. The convenience is really poor and our tax dollars are being spent on trying to make Charlotte into New York, but we have a LONG way to go. Also, if the leaders want that done, then I feel like they should take $ out of their own pockets to make it happen.
Housing is in the hands of the persons who property it is. Some individuals care more than others.
The business are going really well, so there are not much complaints in that column.
Of course there is crime, but most of the time I feel like officers are spending too much of there time trying to portray a tough guy image, or stereotyping ethnic groups then actually doing there job.
Local businesses are great , they treat you like family
It is very competitive so it is very hard to find suitable employment.
The employment here is fair.
The businesses here show very good customer service and they're safe.
The people were nice and friendly until a housing community opened up bringing shady people and activity all over the area.
The crime is common night sprees that focus on vehicles or stores at night with the occasional house break in during the day.
You just have to know which places to avoid and which to go to.
It is nearly impossible for me to get a job here because the places that would hire me are top locations for crime and the safer places won't hire me because of lack of experience.
The public services aren't bad at all but the best thing to be improved is the crime activity.
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The shady activities at the park usually keep most people from exercising and when they feel safe the sewage drain behind the facilities cause a bad odor to fill the air.
The only a problems are the constant construction and the bad traffic that is always around here not including the recklessness and speeding of the drivers.
The whole time I've lived here there has never been a place to fail in business.