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Crime and safety in my community is stable. Although the police station is within a 4 block radius, things still tend to happen. I would like to see regular patrol in my area throughout the day. Although with the brutality of unarmed African American men by police offices, makes it hard for the community to respect them. I believe there should be more town hall meetings and community involvement to bring us all together on one accord.
I am proud of the area in which I partially grew up in. It has allowed me to view the African American culture in a different aspect. However, it has also allowed my to see the struggle of my people as well. The living conditions aren't great, but I had my mother and brother (my family); and we loved and protected each other. As I've grown I would like to be that intricate force to make a difference in my community; starting with the youth. If I can keep one youth out of harms way and provide them with guidance to a positive way of life; then my life has served a fulfilling purpose.
In general it doesn't seem safety is the main priority but instead getting people into trouble.
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The government in general does not seem to care very much about the exact neighborhood/surrounding area of where I live.
You can bike or ride metro!!
For me people are people!! That it!!
I love winters in DC !! I love the snow :)
My family recycle everything !! I wish more people would recycle . I also think it should be a law about people not recycling !! Everyone need to help the earth !!
We have new professional moving in the area.
DC have many museums and most are free to everyone .
We need more leaders in the community and people need to speak up!!! People need to be involve as well .
The property need to make some improvements. Maybe have a washer and dryer in every home and a dishwasher .
Many restaurant are unhealthy !!
In the black community trying to find a job is very difficult!!
I think the Anacosta Park should be maintain better!! Too much trash in the river !!!
We need more business in the community!!
Many people in my community are over weight. There too many fast food eatery!!
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I think anyone working in public service should have compassion for the community they are serving!!