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I've never noticed any significant criminal activity. Most crimes or problems I've witnessed are in the Loop or specifically occur along Delmar Ave.
I'd definitely choose to live in this neighborhood, there's a great sense of community amongst people.
The crime in the area could be better. We often have crimes, such as cars being broken into, bikes being stolen, etc. I have only ever heard of someone being mugged once. Although it is not the worst, it is definitely not the best.
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I like this area overall, as it is very close to Forest Park and a Metro Station. I like that I can walk my dog in a safe neighborhood or the park on a nice day. My street is quiet and there is little crime in the neighborhood overall. I also like the proximity to the Delmar Loop, which is a really fun place to visit on the weekends. I see much more restaurants coming into the area within the next ten years.
The parks in St. Louis are wonderful and offer a lot of variety of activities for people in the community. You can always see people enjoying the park and being outdoors. One of my favorite areas downtown is a green space called City Garden. The green space has fountains, artwork, flowers, and sometimes food vendors. I usually walk through it on my way to baseball games. You can see some beautiful nature outside of the city by the rivers and in the woods. This is a great place for camping and small watercraft sports.
I think that this area offers a great variety of ways to exercise and stay healthy. There are lots of gyms (Club Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc.) as well as many YMCA's. Some facilities offer more than others, but I feel that generally speaking they are good facilities. I personally enjoy running in Forest Park and Tower Grove park. I enjoy being outdoors and being in the sunshine. You can always see people running, walking, and riding their bikes in the park and around the city. In addition to running, I also play for a women's rugby team in St. Louis. This is a club team, where we practice twice a week and have games on Saturdays. There are lots of club teams in the St. Louis area such as roller derby, hockey leagues, kickball, etc.
My immediate neighborhood and area is located by a local university as well as a public transportation stop. I frequently see police vehicles and other public safety vehicles patrolling the area. The general St. Louis area in terms of safety and crime is quite high. I know that the police and public safety have a lot to deal with and do their best, but there is a lot of crime in this area.
St. Louis has four seasons, which is nice. The leaves change in the fall, there is a little bit of snow during the winters, and flowers in the spring. I think that I like spring the best in St. Louis because the temperature is warm, but very tolerable. It is easy to go outside during the day and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I also love how quickly flowers and plants bloom, which makes everything seem lively and happy during the spring. I do not like the summer. The weather is always humid and I feel that I am constantly sticking to things. I do not enjoy the humidity, bugs, and cicadas. This humidity also gives the area lots of severe thunderstorms and the possibility for tornadoes. Although tornadoes generally do not touch down in the city, there are frequently tornado warnings and drills that people need to participate in.
One of my favorite places to go for dinner and drinks is in Soulard. Soulard is closer to downtown St. Louis, but has a lot of options and choices for people looking for drinks and food. I feel that the area offers a lot of variety, but one of my favorite places to go is called Mission Taco. Mission Taco is affordable, filling, and has great specials. I usually order three tacos al carte and get their beer specials. They run lots of specials on local breweries, which I like as it supports local business and economy. One of my favorite specials that Mission Taco runs is after eleven, they sell two dollar shots of tequila and certain tacos for two dollars. There are of course lots of other great places to go, but I very much enjoy this restaurant.
In my immediate area, there are lots of job openings at our city's park, Forest Park. There seems to be lots of job openings at the museums and zoo, which are located in the park. There are also lots of available jobs in the restaurant and retail industries. Generally speaking, most people in this area work in an office either downtown St. Louis or in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. I feel that this area has a lot of job opportunities, you just need to do some searching and be willing to travel.
I am in very close proximity to a great area of St. Louis, which is called "The Loop". The Loop is a really great place with many chain stores. Some of the chain stores include Ben and Jerry's, Chipotle, and Blick Art Supplies. This area also has some wonderful independently owned stores. One of my favorite small stores on The Loop is called Plowsharing Crafts. This store buys and sells fair trade crafts and handmade objects from all over the world. Most of these crafts are made from recyclable materials and help to support economies in villages. I love what this store has to offer and I love supporting its cause. I feel that this area offers shoppers a wide variety of goods and services for consumers and I can certainly get most of what I need in this area. I do think that the grocery store does not offer a lot of selection however and believe that it is expensive. Therefore, I generally go to different grocery stores for food.